Fall 2020 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

So…apparently it’s not March 2020 anymore. Weird! This has been both the longest and shortest six months of my life. However, it seems as though the world is returning to a semblance of normal for most of us - I for one, can find both yeast and toilet paper at the grocery store at least 50% of the time! Perhaps a new Cuisine of the Quarter will help bring on the fall mood? HOs, hit me with your fall favorite in ALL CAPS below! Nominations will be open until Friday!


By the way, here’s a link to the master list of what we’ve already done. Master list/links of past Cuisine of the Quarter

I’ll get the party started this quarter - I have been craving INDIAN food so hard during the pandemic. We don’t have any decent Indian delivery nearby. I love cooking Indian food but tend not to do so during the summer for some reason, so now that cooler temps are here I’m really ready for some rich sauces and tender braises.


Great idea. I was having that in mind too. Over the years I’ve accumulated a few books and never really cook anything from that yet.

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We enjoy dining out for Indian particulary in The Madrid Capital, and especially at the venue located close to the British Embassy. However, it is not a cuisine I would attempt at home …

Why ?

  1. Authentic spices are not easy to obtain and what do we do with the left over spices ?
  2. It is cheaper to eat it out.
  3. The aromas are a bit much to endure !
  4. Do not have this type of cooking equipment to prepare a traditional Tandoori dish of prawns and the catch of the day in season.

So, shall eat it out on our next trip to Madrid in 2021 …

Our favorites are : Prawns and the catch of the day, Tandoori … and a traditional Vindaloo or Madras Curry …

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I would select one of the following:

  1. Greek
  2. Lebanese
  3. Moroccan
  4. Spanish Regional

Authentic Indian ingredients and spices are actually fairly easy for me to obtain, but I do live in NYC. As for your other suggestions, Moroccan and Spanish have already been Cuisine of the Quarter winners, though not recently. We also did Levantine (Israeli) cooking, which is fairly similar to Lebanese. Greek would be new though, so I will second the nomination for GREEK food this quarter!


INDIAN would be easy for me so it feels like a bit of a cheat to second, but why not.

Re procuring spices, I think it’s much easier now than it’s been, especially with so many ready spice packets available. I use some of them myself to simplify dishes that need a few esoteric spices.

Tandoori dishes can be approximated indoors under a broiler or outdoors on a grill.

And it’s worth noting that home indian is actually very different than restaurant indian and might be a very interesting contrast. Also, regional variety is pretty amazing - I’m still trying things for the first time from regions not familiar to me.




Very different, but a wide range and flexibility for both.

Thinking of long Autumn walks and culminating with a Charles Dickens holiday, this is the time of year to explore BRITISH FOOD culture. More subtle than that of the Southern reaches, but a lot of little jewels to unearth. I, personally, know less about it than most of the other nominated cuisines.

With the sudden drop in temperature and pouring rain it’s as if someone has suddenly flipped a switch. I was thinking Hungarian to help get through the winter. British will would work as well. Even though I’m British and live in the UK I hardly ever cook British food.


Like especially the meat pies.

My point. Other than pasties, I can’t think of a quintessentially British dish that i have cooked.
Well, and trifle.

I’m torn, but my vote is for GREEK too; would love to cook British or Indian as well at some point.

Greek is my 1st choice …

Followed by: Lebanese / Syrian, Moroccan and in general Eastern Mediterranean or as it is often entitled: Mid Eastern.

Since we have plenty of good nominees at this point, I will close the nominations thread and start a voting thread. Thanks for your great ideas, HOs!

Here’s the voting thread: Fall 2020 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING