Fall 2019 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING

We have three interesting options from which to choose this quarter - CORSICAN, MEXICAN and ITALIAN. Vote for your favorite by liking the appropriate post below - one vote per person, please! I’ll leave the voting open until Tuesday, October 1.

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Vote here for CORSICAN.


Vote here for ITALIAN.


Vote here for MEXICAN.


Italian is my 1st selection.

2nd would be Basque.

3rd would be Provençal …

Eyetallian -Un
Mexican - dos
Cor -what?..love their Grappa!


Looks like we have a tie between Mexican and Italian this quarter, so I will break the tie and cast my vote for ITALIAN! This was a tough one for me because I dearly love Mexican food as well - hopefully we’ll get to it in the near future. In the meantime, buon appetito e tutti a tavola a mangiare!

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