Fall 2018 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Can you believe summer is almost over? Back to school is behind us, so now it’s time to focus on nominations for this fall’s Cuisine of the Quarter! What tickles your fancy for fall cooking? I’m looking forward to turning on the oven without a second thought and enjoying all things braised and roasted. Please nominate whatever cuisine you’re eager to explore for the next few months! I’ll leave the nominations open until September 20 so we have a full week before voting begins!

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Since this brings us through the “Holiday” period for most that partake here, why not a thread on “Special Familial Holiday Side Dishes”?

By that I mean…we would have spicy fried chicken gizzards on Chanukah…and dish my uncle and aunt picked up when they were stationed down in Mississippi during WW2… My uncle would sit at the table and reminisce about all of the foods he and my aunt had when invited to the homes of local Jewish families in Hattiesburg (at OCS school)…

We should not be limited to any nationality or faith, since during this span almost (and I say that broadly) all celebrate some festive occasion during this time…“A dish that has a special meaning to you at holiday time.”


I like this idea a lot! HOLIDAY SPECIALTIES (all faiths and nationalities) is our first nominee!


Is the quarter Oct-Jan?

October, November & December …the 4th quarter of the year

Duh :joy:
Thank you :):grin:

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Any holidays we can throw in for October, besides Halloween?
We can make one up.

Columbus Day…
He sailed for Spain , born in Italy…buried in the Dominican Republic, with Jewish roots!


And hated by a bunch of folks too!
I love it :blush:
Its got everything…


I read that thanksgiving in Canada is in October.

Not a bad idea for an HO festival!


Well, since we haven’t had any further nominations, I am just going to call it - HOLIDAY SPECIALTIES will be our cuisine of the quarter! I’ll create a new thread once Oct 1 rolls around!