Fall 2017 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - NOMINATIONS

Hey HOs! It’s that time again - I’m seeking nominations for our next Cuisine of the Quarter! What is piquing your palate for fall? I’m looking forward to hearty braises and warm spices, while still making use of end of summer produce. Please nominate whatever cuisine you would like to focus on in ALL CAPS below. I’ll leave the nominations open until Saturday, and then we’ll have a week to vote before we declare a winner on October 1. Looking forward to seeing your ideas!


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Turkish sounds interesting - and not one I’ve seen discussed much here (or elsewhere)!

@biondanonima - I’m probably being rather broad-based in my suggestion.

But I saw your “hearty braises and warm spices” and thought of the warm spices of Morocco and that general area of the world: cinnamon, cumin, paprika, sumac - so perhaps I should have said:



I think the cuisine of either Turkey or Morocco would be lovely - they’ll both be up for a vote!

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NORDIC CUISINE - including Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic and Norwegian cuisine.

They know exactly what to eat in the cooler seasons.

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This is a very interesting idea - are the cuisines of the various countries different enough to focus on just one, or do you think it would be best as a group?

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We have Octoberfest and cool weather ahead, with plenty of root vegetables, potatoes, and cabbages. The Germans certainly know their way with those.

Also, that means we can learn to cook rabbits and venison. :slight_smile:

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Great ideas all! I will lock this thread now and post a voting thread tomorrow. This is shaping up to be a delicious quarter!