Falk Flandria 5 ply

Came accross these, so thought I’d share. 5-ply with alu-copper-alu. Assuming this is actually real and Falk stuff, like it would seem to me - a downgraded copper core for a bit less money.

I did not see these on Falk’s “normal” sites, though.


Thanks for sharing. 1.5mm of conductive core isn’t all that novel or impressive, especially since only 0.5mm is copper. That’s 1/64 of an inch or about 5 sheets of copy paper.

Falk is sort of stuck, market-wise. There isn’t enough market for its bimetal, and it’s not induction- or DW-compatible. Hence lines like Coer, and now this. If Falk wants to grow, or even retain market share, they have to do this. They may rue the day they ignored hyperconductivity.

Looks interesting, Pertti.

I still am not sure I’m a fan of Falk’s matte interior though.

I love my Falk copper pots, but I’m no longer a huge fan of the matte interior.