Extreme load?

Not recently, only what I posted.

Regarding the appearance of Extreme load message- I posted an inquiry on the developer forum to see if there are additional site settings we need to optimize. We’ll see if any suggestions comes back. In addition, I just freed up 20% server storage space so that can’t hurt.

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I just now got the “you were logged out”, extreme load message for the first time in maybe a month.

I think every once in a while it shows up. The message, even though its alarming, is somewhat harmless if the ‘extreme load’ goes away quickly. I saw that myself a couple of days ago also. I refresh the site and it went away already.

I wasn’t alarmed. I was just reporting that the message appeared in case you would find it useful.

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Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.

Happened right now and 4 times in a row while I’m trying to post WFD, bounced back and fro from the homepage and the WFD page.

I’ve had it happen 3x today while just clicking on a notification of a post on the current WFD thread. I only have to click the Refresh button once and the thread works. BTW, this is from a desktop computer at work.

All of mine are on a real computer also. Win7Pro and Firefox up to date.

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@sck - Three times in a row logged out trying to load @naf’s post. PITA. How can we help? “Due to high load” is not reassuring.

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When I was posting, I had a lot of problem as well. I post the problem here.

Don’t know the problem comes from the post or the server. Today seems to be a particular bad day.


I’ve had it happen 3x today while just clicking on a notification of a post here on WFD.

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Server seems to be busier today doing something. Let me look into how to get the ‘load’ to come down. Thanks for flagging.

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The spike at 0430 was me.

I think the forum software complains when the load goes above 1.0. Even if the average is fine, when those spikes happen like today, its rather inconvenient to have that big warning message come up.

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This sounds like “doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this.” “Well don’t do that.”

There is either a software problem with the forum software, a configuration problem on the server(s) (most likely background tasks like backups that are taking more CPU than they should), or a hardware shortfall (something like the interface to mass storage being overloaded). Regardless, as a customer, HO should in my opinion make a fuss.

Let me know if I can help.

Two more events today, 1430 US ET.

Three more later this afternoon.

I noticed that when this happens, 7 times out of 8, I’m looking at WFD thread. I wonder if it has something to do with photos and long thread, or the thread is visited by many people at the same time.

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I tweaked the ‘image preview quality’ setting from 90 to 80. So it compresses the images (that are uploaded from now on) in a discussion a little more so the file sizes are smaller. Let’s see if that lessens the ‘load’ starting from next month.

The images should still look similar to a human eye.


I’m seeing this more and more often. Extreme load, too many loads from an IP address, a couple of other errors. Not just on WFD.

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