Extreme load?

I’ve seen this message at the top of the window since last week: “Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.” But I don’t see any difference in how posts and responses are displayed. What’s going on here?

Maybe it’s your local provider? I haven’t seen any messages myself.

I guess it’s intermittent, or it was resolved. I don’t see it anymore either.

I saw it a few times myself, but not very recently.

Interestingly, I saw the “extreme load” message this very morning for a few minutes.

Before that, I saw a message that I had been logged out. I wasn’t logged out.

Everything was back to normal minutes later.

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On average, the server has plenty of capacity for the day-to-day running of the site. sometimes there may be some background tasks running that cause the server to ‘max out’ for a short period of time. there shouldn’t be any long term impact. let’s just keep an eye on it and see if this happens often. it may just be an issue of optimizing the server resources.

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