Extreme load?

I’ve seen this message at the top of the window since last week: “Due to extreme load, this is temporarily being shown to everyone as a logged out user would see it.” But I don’t see any difference in how posts and responses are displayed. What’s going on here?

Maybe it’s your local provider? I haven’t seen any messages myself.

I guess it’s intermittent, or it was resolved. I don’t see it anymore either.

I saw it a few times myself, but not very recently.

Interestingly, I saw the “extreme load” message this very morning for a few minutes.

Before that, I saw a message that I had been logged out. I wasn’t logged out.

Everything was back to normal minutes later.

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On average, the server has plenty of capacity for the day-to-day running of the site. sometimes there may be some background tasks running that cause the server to ‘max out’ for a short period of time. there shouldn’t be any long term impact. let’s just keep an eye on it and see if this happens often. it may just be an issue of optimizing the server resources.


It’s getting more and more often these days. I would say 1 out of 3 or 4 visits here I see this. Especially in the day time here (night of US), I guess the server is busy doing something? Usually when this happens, it will quit the thread I’m reading and reload to homepage.

Can you please tell me the time next time it happens?

There’s a time each day when the server is busy. But when I was looking at the server load chart, it doesn’t seem to be stressed for most of the rest of the time.

Some people say it may have to do with forum plugins.

It’s happening on my smartphone right now. :slight_smile:

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It just happened to me. Not for the first time.

Thanks, it looks like at 9:40am PT, CPU, memory usage of the server are all within normal range. We isolate the problem to Disk I/O:

Looks like there is a spike of inbound and outbound public bandwidth. My guess is web crawlers.

So I am not sure yet if throwing more server capacity in the form of CPU/ memory will solve the problem.

The question is, how do we spread out all these crawler requests? I don’t know yet. Anyone who has web server experience, especially with NGINX- if you have some suggestions please let me know. thanks!

Sorry, don’t know anything about the problem. But I can report when it happens again.

With the help of developers who pointed me to the site log, I think we nailed down the root cause and eliminated search engine crawlers as the source of the problem.

Apparently, our site has been getting steadily increasing number of ‘active users’ according to site stats. I didn’t realize that as the volume of posts (participations) didn’t feel noticeably more than, e.g. last year or two years ago. I guess we have more readers now. Time to upgrade the server and see if it solves the problem and figure out how to convert the readers into posters!

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We successfully upgraded our server capacity tonight by doubling the RAM. If anyone still encounter the ‘Extreme load’ issue, please let us know. thanks.

We may still have to further tweak some site settings to take full advantage of the additional RAM. but let’s see what happens first.


Just “logged me” out with extreme load message.

I’d say we should probably keep an eye on this, but should not get overly concerned.

On the whole, the upgrade reduced the disk I/O and the load spikes significantly.

With that said, there may be still be instances where if a lot of things are happening on the site at a time, the message may still show up. But as long as its much more infrequent than before its ok.

There’s one setting that I need to tune, but I will need to take the site down one more time for 10 minutes to do that. I’ll probably do it on thanksgiving evening when no one is on the site.

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Site refreshes several time.

What do you mean by refresh?

Sometimes, when I click on a post, I get a popup that “You were logged out” and have to click a “refresh” button. I’ll screenshot it next time I see it.

I’ve been getting just an error message and a “try again” button that seems to work, when using the browser back button.

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