Extra Virgin Olive Oils - Which do you Use ?

Poggio Olio Extra Avergne d´Oliva Ecological Sicilian Evoo is absolutely extraordinary. I use with all my Italian dishes and all my Italian Salads.

Light and aromatic, and a slightly greenish, this is simply a perfect for sautéing.

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Supermarket own brand for general use.

And, for special use, Zaytoun - a Palestinian organic oil. Of course, supplies of that are not guaranteed due to the ongoing Israeli blockade of Palestine. I really just use that now for Eastern Mediterranean or Middle Eastern dishes.

Also for wider “special use” , not olive oil but increasingly I use Farrington’s cold pressed rapeseed oil for, say, salad dressings, etc. Delicious and supports a UK farm.

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I only have “regular” extra virgin olive oil, nothing fancy. I picked up a bottle of Goya because it was served at Jose Andres’ Spanish Diner, and I figured if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. I used to get Trader’s Joe’s California Estate, and California Ranch, but they’ve both had supply problems recently.


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Like @small_h, I use California Olive Ranch Everyday Destination Series as my every day, since it’s 100% olive oil, not cut with safflower oil. Right now I don’t have any specialty olive oils, but like Trader Joe’s Spanish. I tend to lean towards peppery specialty EVOOs.

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Thanks for the feedback.

@Barca Lovely mise en place! What did you make?

I’m trying to make good choices about EVOO, but I’d probably fail a blinded taste test.

I mostly use two or three choices from Costco. For everyday I use

When it’s for using at the end, maybe

Sometimes I might spring for the Costco label from Italy.

I also get the Corti label if I’m in Sacramento.

My sister gave me a case of these for Christmas. This one is flavored with “chili pepper”.

When I travel to the Mediterranean, I pick up something local like this or from Spain.


It’s the only one on my shelf also. The olive oil industry is a billion dollar black market. This one is certified to be pure olive oil .



I like several brands but have been using this one recently when I don’t use avocado oil.


lol…looks like I’m not alone…


@Barca Alexandria, you must have access to some amazing olive oils, living in Spain and the Mediterranean!


I’m going to get that one next time

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Because of changing availability of imported EVOO, we tend to whore ourselves around, seldom able to rebuy those we find exceptional. We/I also, and harder to find, stock lighter, less assertive olive oils for daily cooking when I don’t look for an aggressive “pit” flavor. Some California varietal EVOOs also meet this need.


We import our own EVOO from Greece. Comes from groves owned by a friend of mine. I’m fortunate to also have a friend who is a customs broker. It’s the best.


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