Extra Jalepenos

I needed a couple of jalapenos for a dish , but it was cheaper to buy a bag of 12. I love them, eat them raw, and know how to use them, but I am thinking of cutting them up and putting them in vinegar in the fridge. i have the time or patience to do anything more elaborate, but am curious if any of you know if this will work, be unsafe, or a waste of time. Thanks!

Definitely worth it for me. I’ve used this recipe with success:

The only crucial ingredients are the peppers, the vinegar and the salt. I omit the sugar, and sometimes the carrots and onions as well.


I too have used that recipe with success, though I usually double the recipe in one large glass jar, then I break it down after about 3 days, and send some home with one of the kids.
Normally all of the ingredients are in my cupboard, so it is a no brainer and takes about 15 minutes to make.
One thing different I do, is to cut them length wise and remove all of the seeds and membrane. I then cut that piece in half again, so essentially you are quartering the peppers. Depending what level of heat you like, I do add back in about 25% the seeds, and discard the rest. I do use the sugar and have substituted yellow or Spanish onions for the Red. If you have the space you can also add in some Kirby cucumbers, which will also soak up the spice nicely.

Thanks! I love lebovitz

You’re welcome!

Absolutely works well. I always save a jar of dill pickle brine (after finishing off the pickles), just for this purpose.

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For something a little different, this is a great recipe for Korean style pickled jalapenos like you get at KBBQ places. They’re great on tacos and straight out of the jar…


I heard about candied jalapeños for the first time this week, basically pickled in a sweet/acidic liquid, this recipe also adds lime zest- other variations use a lot more sugar for something more candied than pickled

I highly recommend this recipe for cowboy candy! I usually make 3-4 times the recipe and it stores well in the fridge.

Making pickled jalapeños is pretty simple stuff. Been doing it for too many years. Fresh peppers are so good. My favorite dried pepper to use is the little dried morita peppers. Buy bags of these at the Mexican marts, hydrate in water

de-stem and make a brine and bottle with sliced onions and carrots

Put them in plastic Ziploc bags and freeze them. I do this with Thai Bird chilis all the time and they last forever.


Made these the day after I posted on this thread…sooo easy

Yes, definitely freeze them. I always buy more than I need so I’ll have them on hand anytime I wan them.

I dice them first, so they’re ready for anything I want to throw them into. They maintain an excellent texture/color and last for months. Even if they get little icy, it doesn’t seem to affect them.


This is my favorite pickled jalapeño recipe. We grill oysters on Christmas Eve and this is always one of the condiments we put on the table with the oysters. Some people love just the soy sauce on the oyster but the more adventurous will put one of those delicious peppers on it too and slurp away.

I made a pho for dinner this evening and added these jalapeños, instead of fresh ones, to the dish. While the fresh taste of raw peppers is in line with all of the other fresh herbs etc typically, I still prefer this super awesome pickled pepper for a little variation.

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This looks amazing. How long does it keep in the fridge?

When I make this, I usually make a double batch because I’ll eat about 1/2 the batch for a week and then get tired of it. I’ll put the rest into a 16 oz jar, making sure that the soy sauce liquid covers the jalapeños and stick it in the fridge. Then it’s usually forgotten until I open it up and want to spice dishes up a bit, little by little, or until Christmas Eve comes, after which it’s gone b/c of said oyster roast. I would say 6-9 months. I need to start a new batch!

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