Experiments that worked

Yesterday I chopped up a kale leaf and threw it in a dry skillet until it was starting to crisp up, then made an omelet with that and a little provolone. It was amazingly good.

The cafeteria at work once had a premade salad of arugula and watermelon. It seemed weird, but I bought one and put some fat-free respberry vinaigrette on it, and it was just wonderful.


I tried a sliced watermelon & tomato salad that I feel turned out well. A guest didn’t agree though.

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Tell them ‘that’s okay, more for me’.

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When I was new to cast iron seasoning, most of the instructions call for slow and low heating in oven, and I followed them. Yet, my cast ion skillet never acquired the seasoning I hoped for.
Then one time I accidentally heated up the cast iron skillet to a very high temperature for a blacken tuna recipe. My cast iron skillet overnight acquired a much more nonstick surface.