Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, March 17th...

It falls on a Friday this year! Where will you be reveling? Do you cook up some traditional Irish specialties at home, or do you go out and party? Name your favorite dishes and venues…

Corned beef & cabbage, red potatoes & horseradish cream sauce. Yum. Esp since I’ve been corning my own beef the last few years.

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Guinness! Nuf said

Shots of Jameson with a Car bomb back . At the bar in Mt Shasta . There will be corned beef and cabbage .

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It a interesting tradition as its not really a traditional Irish dish in Ireland, but more of a dish of Irish immigration to the US. A more Irish version would be boiled bacon, cabbage and some parsley sauce.

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That’s what I have often been told by old timers from Ireland…

Besides the Irish whiskey and the beer there will be corned beef and cabbage because Mr Rat (Swiss-English) likes it. Not that I don’t like it exactly, but once a year is kind of enough for me. My Irish mother could NOT abide it and we never ever had it at home for any reason. For St Patrick’s she made Irish lamb stew and colcannon, which I’d prefer myself. These days I’d also do bangers and mash which I never had until I moved to New York.


I might have to repeat that meal several times this coming week…

Always the same: Irish soda bread with lots of Irish butter (although I make mine with raisins and whiskey and such) washed down with Irish coffee; both to be consumed in the den watching the parade. Then later on Shepherds Pie…but I’m making it tonight because my husband requested it early, to my surprise. I’ll just put half in the freezer for Friday, and it will make the holiday even more festive on my part.

My SO makes a killer Irish Soda Bread, too. Can’t wait…

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We usually have the corned beef/cabbage/potato thing. But this year, my daughter requested we skip the dinner and have what we have for leftovers, corned beef hash and eggs. Fine with me. I like that better too. So I’ll be cooking corned beef on Thursday and letting it rest overnight. Then hash and poached eggs on 3/17


The best use of corned beef.

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I’m not a fan of corned beef or boiled cabbage, although I did see a tasty-looking version featured on America’s test kitchen the other day. I was thinking of making Shepherds pie this week anyway so I’ll probably save it for Friday to celebrate. DH will probably insist upon Jameson.

TJ’s wants to sell us Irish Bangers at six for $4.99. I just might breeze in to my local store to pick a pack. (but not for St Patrick’s Day).

We have some Irish Soda Bread baking in the oven right now! Wonderful aroma. That should make for a good start to the day…


I’m a lamb kinda guy, but I love corned beef and cabbage so I’m home free.
It is interesting though to live in a locale largely devoid of Catholics or Irish folks. The holiday becomes something much more along the lines of Cinco De Mayo,
mostly about drinking.
No parades. :frowning:

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A weekend of reveling begins today! Let’s all be careful and enjoy…

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