European sized (90cm) gas ranges - slightly smaller than 36" - AGA or La Cornue?

I have a Porter & Charles FEG90 dual-fuel gas range that is 90cm wide (35.5"), but it’s most powerful gas burner is only 12,000 BTU. Having a 17,000 BTU burner would be better for searing, stir frying, boiling water for pasta etc.

90cm is the standard European width for what in North America is made slightly larger at 36" wide (and also deeper). The cutout in my kitchen is too small for a true 36" range, and so a replacement at 90cm would be an easy swap without having to do any renovations to accommodate a wider and deeper 36" range.

In Toronto Canada where I live, AGA and La Cornue ranges are available in 90cm widths. AGA and La Cornue are now owned by the same parent company and have similar but not identical specs:

(1) AGA 36 Dual Fuel (Mercury, Elise, or Professional) - max gas burner 17,000 BTU.

(2) La Cornue CornuFe 90 Albertine - max burner gas 17,500 BTU.

Does anyone have any experience with these ranges and how they compare to ‘pro’ ranges such as Wolfe, Monogram, Thermidor etc? Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

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Lacanche makes 90cm ranges, but the Lacanche 90cm wide range has 2 ovens next to each other. One can be configured as an electric oven and the other as gas. Interesting options that may be limited by their smaller sizes. One larger oven would be more practical.

Unfortunately European brands such as Bertazonni and Miele sell true 36" wide (and not 90cm) ranges in North America and so they won’t fit in a cutout for a 90cm range.