Europa Grill in Shrewsbury nj


I never got there and ended up at Siam garden. My friend wanted some thai. I will get over there hopefully soon


We are going with some friends this Thursday. Will post a report.


I was looking at the weekend specials. I wonder what this steak is about? It might just be a bad translation but I’m not sure what a BBQ aged steak is. Any ideas?

“Black Angus Cowboy Steak” (22oz) ao molho Cabernet c/ Camarão

BBQ Aged Certified Black Angus Cowboy Steak (22oz) with Cabernet Wine Sauce & shrimp

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Finally made it here last night. (Saturday) No reservations but called at 8pm inquired about getting a table in 20 mins told it shouldn’t be a problem. Shower up waited 5 mins and were seated, the place was full, word is out and the place seems to be thriving. Well laid out and updated nicely since its days as Rosina’s, the dining rooms and seating are comfortable.

We were greeted right away, given water and our drink order was taken, soft drinks it is BYOB. After this service became a bit of an issue. Perhaps they were understaffed or just tired after a busy night but the service was a bit “lacking” most of the night. Not terrible mind you, just not good.

Anyway apps:
Cold seafood tower for 2, garlic shrimp, clams casino. Seafood tower was good except the jumbo lump crabmeat was obviously previously frozen and not thawed or stored well. Oyster, ceviche and shrimp were all good for $13pp. Small details like it wasn’t served with a cocktail fork, it’s for 2 yet only one small cocktail sauce and no hot sauce provided. Asked the server for cocktail forks, received 1. Just an example of the service issues.

Garlic shrimp were very good, a nice bit of kick to the sauce, I enjoyed them.

Clams casino I wasn’t a big fan of. I’m use to casino having peppers onions and bacon as part of the stuffing. This was strictly breadcrumbs with a piece of bacon on top. Not bad, just not what I was expecting.

All entrees served with house salad, perfectly adequate garden salad.

Oh one of the biggest letdown of the experience was the bread. I’m hoping they just ran out, but the bread was nothing but lousy Italian-ish sub roll sliced. Nothing good about it at all, normally these type places have excellent bread.

Lamb Chops, Scallops and Shrimp broiled in garlic sauce, Paella Valencia (my entree), Tilapia oregano.

Highs go to the Lamb Chops, double cut and served with mint jelly, and the scallops and shrimp. The tilapia similar to the clams weren’t really seasoned just topped with breadcrumbs and my paella was too soupy for my liking. I’m not use to having it served in a broth, not sure if the kitchen was tired, the rice and seafood was all fully cooked, tasted good, just didn’t like the soupiness of it.

Cream brûlée and lava cake. Cream brûlée was very good the lava cake had no lava in it, just poured on top and covered in it.

There is a lot of value here as exampled with the seafood tower for 2 @ $26. Most entree are in the mid $20’s range and include a salad. Although I wasn’t overly impressed it wasn’t a bad experience and I would certainly go back and try some other items on the vast menu. It’s close to home and could be a decent spot, I’ll be back and would certainly encourage others to give it a try.

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Went back tonight walked in 7pm no reservations no problem table for 2!

Everything was fine tonight, got the garlic shrimp appetizer to start and a broiled seafood platter and a stuffed salmon. Both entrees came with house salads and everything was very good no complaints.

I’ll be back…


Nice looking platter. What in the top left corner?

Did they have any whole and/or stuffed lobsters?

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Top left = crab cake

They had the typical two stuffed lobsters on the menu I don’t recall the price.


So I think I might try this place tonight. Any news lately?

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Nope, I’ve got very mixed feelings on this place. Please report back.


Plans fell through so I ended up solo at the old tommys. See rb red thread for update


Wow…two out of 3 nights in a row I’m baffled at how these local restaurants are managed. Sit down for a rant…

So I go to Europa Grill tonight and I am excited to try something a little unique.

Online their menu has a page dedicated to their special “stone cooked” meats that you cook yourself. This place has been on my radar for a long time but I haven’t gotten there yet…until now. The menu looks nice on paper and they have a large list of entrées.

I thought this place was byob but you can buy wine here. There is some whacky NJ rule where you can have a byob spot and a “side” business selling wine. I believe this place is just that. The old captains eds in point pleasant was an example. You had to pay for wine on a separate check. Anyway, I don’t care lol. The state can sort out the tax revenue as I’m always paying out the nose either way.

OK so here is my issue. The waiter never mentions anything about the stone cooked meals, nor does the menu say anything about it! WHAT? You’re doing something that no one in Monmouth County does, to my knowledge (well maybe Fernandes3.) The wait staff isn’t trained to promote this? I had to literally ask and the waiter brought out the special menu. This is like walking in to buy an S class and the salesmen starts pitching you some hondas.

The other rant is my Zhangs grill experience. Same situation. OK I’m done and going to sleep. More to come.

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Not all that different (IMHO) to we two “Gweilo” going to a Chinese restaurant and having to ask for the Chinese menu.

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I"m curious to hear the rest of your rant regarding Europa. I honestly gave up on the place, one or two decent experience then 2 or 3 disasters in a row.


There were several things but the whole missing special menu irked me. The bread wasnt that good and served with those little butter packets. They could do better.

The stone is a cool concept but it would have been nice to have some garlic and more butter. Even some chopped onion would have been nice. And yes, I probably could have asked.

Fries came out room temp (the portuguese chip style ones and the amount was skimpy considering how cheap potato is.)

Rice was meh. Overall a few details could have made this a lot better. For 42 bucks our ribeye was a much better deal compared to this 37 dollar dinner

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Interesting…what is heating the stone? Is there a heating element or do they just bring it out sizzling and you have to cook it while it’s hot? Do you get a choice of meats or is that the stock order? Like I said I pretty much gave up on the place already but I’m still curious.


They just bring it out blazing hot. I don’t think anything is inside the box. This is a pic of my friends.

I got the trio…tuna, filet, and shrimp. They have lobster tails, a NY strip etc. No ribeye. Why they don’t market this more is beyond me. It’s pretty unique for around here.

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That looks absolutely mouth-watering!

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It was very good, but if you keep reading a couple more trips and “mouth watering” turned into “gag inducing.”


Jr will probably back me on this…go to fernandes 3 if you haven’t yet. You will enjoy it. From Hazlet it’s probably only a 5 minute longer drive or so.

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Was there last night for my son’s birthday, I got this baby!!! (Ribeye served on a flame fueled Spanish tile, with garlic shrimp and lemon)