Epic homemade falafel

Was reading up, preparing for the next family celebration, on falafel making and hit upon this video and wondered if anyone has tried a waffle falafel and your tips for making delicious homemade falafel.

Falafel is one of many universal food languages, how do you approach it?



This looks like a solid step by step starting point. I need to purchase fresh herbs…

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I’ve made it from scratch once. And from the date stamps on these photos it was 2007. Came out great, first attempt making it with soaked chickpeas.

I may have use it bit more parsley than the average falafel based on color. They were good, just labor intensive. I used a meat grinder to grind the soaked chickpeas. I made a bunch so the frying was probably the most labor intensive part.

image image

They certainly deserve a repeat performance


That’s what I’m talking about! Which oil do you recommend frying in?

Since its been a long time I can’t say but I used either canola, vegetable or peanut. A neutral oil with high smoke point would be recommended

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You know I’m jonesing for some falafel now


Tell me about it.

I use Mark Bittman’s recipe to make baked falafel patties. Works good. I do 24 at a time and freeze them.


I’ve also made mark bittman’s recipe several times and baked them. Ultimately it’s just too easy for me to get great falafel with all the fixings for fairly cheap all over the city (cart guys on the corner fry them to order!) so i stopped making them- and i lack a cuisinart so it was a PITA to make with my blender

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Baked actually works well.

I nabbed the details for Bittman baked version on another site and it looks like getting the mix not to fall apart is the challenge. Baked appears more fall apart proof than frying.

Letting the mix sit in the fridge for a while is key. And using wet hands to form the patties is also a good idea.


When baking i made sure my mix was more “fine” than “chunky” and let bake prob 3/4 of the way before turning/flipping. Wasn’t really an issue

I’m hoping to give a small batch a try soon.

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Do you freeze them before or after frying?

Bake first, freeze afterwards.

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Chilling mix to bake later. This was a decent amt of prep. Worked mix in fp batches to get the texture. Used chickpea flour in the binder.


Baked. Gonna make the tahini sauce next.




Looks delicious!