end of times

seemingly overnight spice drops have disappeared from our three grocery stores and dollar general.

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Are you talking about the candy?

just another sign the apocalypse is upon us.


I’ve had a hard time finding them since well before the pandemic. Resorted to buying them in bulk via the Internet.

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Did you try cvs or riteaid (or one of the smaller pharmacies or bodegas)

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I usually buy my spice drop at CVS as @Saregama mentions, atomic fire balls too. My local CVS’s have been out of stock of both for a while now.

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I’ve always ordered these online to keep my big stash jar filled. I haven’t seen them in a store in ages. They aren’t as big as they used to be, either. Ferrara Candy Atomic Fire Balls.

Stashes that I keep also include cherry Tootsie Pops. I do share my bounty …


yes, check every time i pick up medication. checked walmart and buc-ees to no avail. we’ll be fl soon, the candy aisle in our publix is larger than the produce section, hopefully i’ll have some luck there.

i ordered a bucket of those and they literally started tearing a hole in my cheek, my wife had to throw them out as i couldnt quite bring myself to do the dirty deed.

cherry tootsie pops aren’t very good for you, pm for my address and i’ll help rid you of that severe threat to your health.


Halloween, Christmas and Easter are when I find some ‘hard to find’ candy items. That’s the time I stock up and score on the ‘after holiday’ discounts. So much candy is made out of the US nowadays.

How did you deal with Mars discontinuing red M&M’s?

Asking for a friend.

Plenty of red M&M’s in their Xmas and Valentine’s mix.

fortunately my palate is not sophisticated enough to differentiate btw red m&ms and the other colors.

Nuts.com has them. I bought some from The Vermont Country Store around X-mas time. I really liked them but they were expensive for spice drops.

I order a lot of stuff from nuts.com as treats for folks. I never looked past the nuts, though!

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Yes, great place for quality nuts and fruits.

Some people set out dishes of wrapped candy for folks to grab. I put out a basket of different varieties of their single-serve nut packs. They seem to disappear. :joy:

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Of course they do - what a good snack. I like to get my dad nuts or dried fruits as gifts, since he doesn’t like candy anymore. At 97, he’s being more careful with his diet…


Their chocolate covered cherries are pretty good too.


updated list of stores with no spice drops:
westchester - our local shoprite, foodtown, walmart, cvs
florida - publix, winn dixie, cvs, walmart
i95 south - buc-ees, wawa, various convenience stores at gas stations

this is getting serious…