end of times

CVS in the city shows it as available in store - at least in my neighborhood

it’s good of you to find this, I know I can still find them online but I’m vaguely interested on why they’ve disappeared from so many shelves. Changing tastes, temporary supply chain issues, woke criticism for use of the rainbow.

I eat them a couple of times a year but just about the only candy I still like from childhood, As I age, everything tastes too sweet, salty and spicy :scream: Last night I made chicken byriani with 1/4 the jalapeno and half the garam masala I used to use and it was still too spicy, sigh.

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You can find them right on Rivington Street! Remind me, and I’ll swing by there and bring you some at the next dinner.

Too salty is my current complaint for almost everything.

(I’ll swing by my CVS and grab a few packets for you – if they weren’t lying about them being in stock in the store.)

Also - color me impressed re biryani :smiley:

thanks but I’m sure I’ll find some, I eat them maybe…twice a year, probably when I’m stressed. I left out a key detail on the biryani, it’s an instant pot version by the “butter chicken lady”, nothing very impressive there: