Enameled 13x9x3" Cast Iron Lasagna Pan

I blew up my ceramic lasagna pan recently on a gas burner trying to boil out cooked sugar. Really stupid of me. I want to replace it with a enameled cast iron pan. Looking on Amazon I see most are less than their declared dimensions. I’m most concerned with the height. I want a minimum of 3". My budget is sub $50.00 so that eliminates the French stuff. Thanks!

Sorry about the mishap. I really am no help on ECI, but you might look at aluminum roasters of that size. There are several in the usual suspect online restaurant supply stores for around $35.

Cuisinart and Calphalon also make stainless pans that might fit the bill. This one is currently on sale at Macy’s for $45

I love ECI, but I only use Le Creuset. Some of the less expensive brands seem to have poor quality enamel that chips too quickly–like when they are still in the store! So at a $50 budget I would definitely consider Stainless or aluminum if you don’t want another ceramic or Pyrex dish.

Zwilling owns Staub and on the Zwilling website you could get open box items and sale items (during holidays) at like 40% off the normal price.

I use staub a lot for most things and chose that over Le Creuset

I’m generally not of fan of ECI although I have a bunch of Le Creuset that I’ve owned forever. I see on Amazon there are several 13 X 9" ECI lasagna pans under $50.00 but their height is less than 3". All Clad has a large lasagna pan for about $100.00 but it’s stainless not sandwiched with aluminum. I wish Tramontina had an ECI or tri-ply lasagna pan. Their price and quality is excellent. Does anyone know if there are clad construction lasagna pans on the market? Thanks!

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*Williams Sonoma has one, but it’s kinda pricey:

I’m honestly surprised that All Clad does not have a clad 9*13, just the larger roaster. At least that I can find.

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I’ve been looking for one, as well. I thought I found one on ebay (open box sale), it was advertised as 3.5 inches deep, but when it arrived it was only 2.5 inches deep. Very disappointed.

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Whoa, that’s nice! I just might have to bust the budget and get it. Does WS have coupons or periodic sales? Thank you very much.

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I’ve never seen a coupon, but they do put items on sale/clearance from time to time. There are outlet stores as well–not sure if you’re near one of those–that do offer really good deals in general.
One of my credit cards offers a WS gift card for point redemption. That’s how I paid for a few wedding gifts for friends.

After my ebay fail, I did some digging around on the internet and did find an affordable deep 13 X 9 baking dish. There is a casserole I want to make and I’m afraid it will “outgrow” my shallow 13 X 9 dish.
Any who… Target had this Pyrex one for $16. It is approximately 3.25" deep, that should work (for me). I know you wanted an enameled cast iron baking dish, but (like you) I didn’t want to spend that kind of money on the Staub or Le Creuset pans.
The picture didn’t turn out so good, because… its glass, but I think you can make out the 3 1/4" depth.
Best of luck in your search, I’ll post next week as to how my casserole turned out.


If you can live with square (12x12), Tramontina makes a tri-ply pan that is even a bit deeper for about half the price.

I think I’m going to “bottom fish” for awhile. I have other pans I can use in place of the 13 X 9, just not one pretty enough to bring to the table. Amazon had a 13x9 ECI pan that they closed out in the fall for $14.00! I’m sure it would have met my needs.
“13” Amazon Commercial Enameled Cast Iron Roasting/Lasagna Pan $13.90"

Sadly this is over budget, but it always brings smiles when brought to the table. It is a breeze to clean, too. Sorry the URL is so long. It is South American ceramic with a pig face and ears on one end. I believe the brand is Pomaire or the like.

I ended up buying this one but from Amazon because it was much cheaper, $35.00 shipped. It’s very nice but not quite as deep as I like. I’m still interested in the Hestan Tri-ply 13 x 9" baking pan but I’d like to see it in person because it’s more expensive.

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