Empanada/ hand pie/ meat pie tips and tricks?

Thank you- I watched some youtube videos before I did it. The twist really keeps the filling from leaking.

What fun!

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Nicely done! Did you get any car or bike pics?

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THIS is more important. Sounds fun the competition!


I didn’t take any pics Saturday but this is the man’s roadster:

Which we tow to the races with our ‘54 truck, which is my daily driver

To stay on topic… the back of the truck would be half as full if we were willing to eat crappy food but since we aren’t we have to pack camp stoves, pots and pans, etc. this year we took Indian food for one night and cauliflower gnocchi with chicken and veggies in garlic butter (to keep it simple. :rofl:)


So cool!

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You did win! This is all the proof we need! No doubt about it!:dumpling:

If the recipe is not a secret, could you write up one so the keen and maybe not so keen bakers can have a go, please?


Yes, you’re the winner @WeezieD . The Onions have spoken.

Wow, great taste in rides. That is one cool daily driver. It isn’t about miles per gallon. It’s about smiles per mile!


Looks interesting; have you tried it? I know someone on HO has. I remember thinking the “soup dumpling” part made it different from most hand pies I’ve tried.

Found it!

I mostly make Jamaican patties.

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I haven’t made it yet.

I mostly buy empanadas and patties. I’ve only had 2 salteñas, both purchased.

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