Emilio's Antipasti Table still beckons (Harrison)!

I was in the Harrison area so I decided to pay an early evening visit to Emilio’s on Colonial Place. It had been many months. The vintage mansion that houses the restaurant still evokes charm. The staff is warm and inviting when you enter, and one of the first things that catches your eye at the front of the main dining room is their fresh Antipasti Table, an enticing tradition that has been going on here for nearly 40 years.
Somehow the staff did recognize me and led me to the bar area. It had been a very hot day so another cold beer was in the offing. Minutes later they surprised me with a platter of Arancino di Vercelli: black Arborio rice balls stuffed with burrata cheese served with a delicious arrabbiata sauce. As I forked thru these crusty decadent morsels I recalled the many other signature treats I had tasted here over the years.
With Mama Lidia gone ( I loved her fresh-made pastas), her son Sergio Brasesco is maintaining the premises in fine fashion. Nice to catch up with him. Will be back for a full meal soon…

It seems as though they serve or have served Osso Buco, did you happen to ask the staff about it?

chowdom, there was no reason to bring up Osso Buco during my visit. However, their menu changes with the seasons and I remember them serving a fine hearty version in fall and winter…

I asked because of the thread below that you started
I saw picture of Emilio’s Osso Buco on Yelp however it was not listed on their menu.
Given the short amount of time between the two threads
I would have thought you’d have made mention of it on the Osso Buco thread had you been aware they serve it.