Craving Osso Buco: who does it well in West/Fair?

I have been seeking out some personal favorite indulgences and now I crave a good version of Osso Buco, veal or pork, Milanese-style with risotto and garnished with gremolata. Any style would work, really. Who does it well in greater Westchester. I usually end up on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. Thanks for your suggestions…

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A friend of mine who runs his own restaurant raved about the food and especially the oso bucco at Alex’s Bar & Grille in White Plains. I didn’t ask specifics about what it’s served with and if it had gremolata, but according to my friend, Alex and his team will be happy to prepare it how you like. This place has been on my list of “must try” places for months. :slight_smile:

Alex’s Bar & Grille
577 N Broadway
White Plains, NY 10603

Thanks, Lauren. I visit Alex’s on occasion, and I recommended it on this board recently regarding their Chicken Scarpariello and their steaks. Funny, I did not notice their Osso Buco. Will speak with Alex and find out when he offers it.

Maybe it was a special that day?

Now I hear that Gina Marie’s Chianti in Tuckahoe sometimes offers Osso Buco as a special. They will have it for Father’s Day served with Gnocchi and vegetable.

Il Sorriso
5 N Buckhout St, Irvington, NY

Yes, Il Sorriso. Thanks, pabboy! Isn’t that the place with a view of the water from the main dining room? Didn’t they change ownership a while back? I have not been in there for years. Is it still ok?

Yes that’s the place. I haven’t been there in a few years but from what I can tell it’s been the same owner for at 10+ years now.

Noticed a hefty Veal Osso Buco on the blackboard menu at Artie’s Steak & Seafood on City Island last night…

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O.B, is a signature dish at Matt Storch’s Match in SONO. It’s sensational, but expensive at $32

Here’s the menu description

Osso Bucco
veal shank simmered for 8 hours in ‘Italian BBQ’ braising love, Parmigiano risotto & leaves of fried sage.

But the best I’ve ever eaten was Danny Myer’s OB at the old Union Square cafe on 15th. Don’t see it on the menu of the new USC on 19th.

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Market stall in Lima
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