Electric Kettle Recommendation

Currently, I have this electric kettle: Secura SWK-1701DB. I like it. It wasn’t expensive, and its interior is fully stainless steel, even the bottom and the side stainless steel surface is steamless


I am thinking about getting another electric kettle – intended to use at my work in my office. Any recommendation? I am thinking about possibly a Zojirushi or Tiger electric kettle.

The biggest advantage of these kettles is that they spill proof. I can see this a more important feature at a work place.

What I do not like is that the interior is PTFE. I know it is not toxic and all, but a full stainless steel interior would be nice.

An Oxo electric kettle looks ok too.

Amazon seems to have a somewhat similar and much cheaper kettle. Looks good too.

Do you have an electric kettle you particularly like?

For me the following things are crucial when buying a new kettle.

  1. I really need temperature control. I mostly use the kettle for tea, and I never use boiling water for tea. Always either 90 degrees Celsius or 80. Mine also has a 70 degrees Celsius setting, which I sometimes use for cooking purposes.

  2. A glass shell, which helps in quickly spotting calcium build up.

  3. Cordless, 360 degrees.

  4. Should ideally be high powered, so water boils quickly.

I currently have this one.

Almost exactly like mine, but costs much, MUCH less! :sob:
But it’s beautiful and I really use it throughout the day.

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That’s too bad - but yours looks good too.

Mine isn’t 100% foolproof though, as I sometimes have some electric errors, with for example the kettle stopping midway operations. I was considering getting a new one, but over the past few months there were no other incidents so I’m just holding onto it as long as possible. It’s around 5 years old now.

My wife and daughters all use Comfee kettles. When the daughters are here at home (summer/Christmastime) my wife’s kettle probably gets 6-8 uses per day (about 20 oz each time). But it seems this brand is pretty similar to your Secura.

If I was going to get a new one (and if I drank tea enough to bother), I like Damian’s idea of temp control. When I do make tea, unless it’s really dead cold out, I prefer to let it cool and ice it.

But black teas started over about 185/85 F/C seem to cloud badly upon cooling. So I’m standing there at the microwave popping it open and testing with instant read, run another 5 seconds, instant read, run another 5 seconds… etc. trying to get right about 185°F. So temp control would be very handy.

Back when I went to an office I bought a small Bodum kettle at a thrift shop. Cleaned it up (descaled) and it still works.

Me too. I almost exclusively use my kettle for tea. I don’t know the temperature control kettle mainly to minimize the temperature probe which often introduce plastic parts. Maybe I am just being overly worry about plastic. Thanks.

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I am looking at a Zwilling electric kettle too, but the one I was looking at is the fully stainless steel one.

Not cheap, but looks very solid.


I’ve been using this kettle for the last few years on a daily basis and have been pretty happy with it - Bonavita BV382510V

You can set a few preset temperatures on it and the spout makes pouring easy, even though I don’t do pourover coffee much anymore.

Have the same one. Daily use for 4+ years. Nice spout for pouring.

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Even smaller than that! No window, just a little ledge inside as a max fill. Just big ebough for 2 cups of tea/coffee.

I own this kettle from Electrolux and have been using it weekly for 3-4 years.


If all you need is something to boil water quickly, you might look for a vintage Russell Hobbs. Mine has been great for over forty years so far.

That was the first electric kettle I owned, probably 30 years ago. Mine died. It’s too bad our electrics don’t match the wattage/voltage of the Brit counterparts. Those kettles are almost instantaneous! I currently have a glass Breville, no temp settings. I use it all the time. I love electric kettles.


We bought this Miroco electric kettle from Amazon in May 2021. It’s fantastic! I’ve never had an electric kettle, and it’s a life-changer. We heat water for coffee and tea several times a day. Amazon doesn’t seem to have it anymore, but I found it on WalMart.com.


The kettles by Fellow are very nice. The temperature is adjustable in 1° increments which is quite nice for finding the right temperatures for various teas. The Corvo model is their non-gooseneck kettle: https://fellowproducts.com/products/corvo-ekg?variant=29430961832051


I have a different Amazon Basics model (https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-Stainless-Steel-Electric-Kettle/dp/B072DWYBL7/ ) and it’s, well, basic. It works perfectly well for boiling water for tea or pour-over coffee, or the odd recipe that calls for boiling water when I don’t feel like doing it in the microwave. I wish the top opened a bit wider as it’s hard to fill directly from the fridge’s filtered water dispenser, but that’s my only issue.

Wow. I believe currently Fellow EKG are the top end electric kettles, no?


How do you like it?

Yes, they are. I like my coffee, and think this will be the next kettle I get.