Eight poke bars open in 6 months? [San Francisco]

Already open, per Yelp:

Poki Time 03/11/2016
I’a Poke 04/10/2016
Poke Bowl 05/09/2016
Poke Delish 06/04/2016
Poke Bar 06/05/2016
Ohana Poke Bar 06/23/2016

Soon to come, per Eater:

Our Poke Place (mid-July)
Coast Poke Counter (unspecified)

No comment.


I’ve seen lines out the door at Ohana at lunchtime. Haven’t tried yet.

Add Lazy Fish, in the old Yum Yum location on Irving.

Is that a poke bar per se? I’ve left out some new Hawaiian-ish place that include poke on the menu as well.

Worth noting that Costco’s poke bar opened TWO YEARS ago. Costco, ahead of the curve!

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Don’t forget Limu & Shoyu at Divis and Broderick.

I tried l’a Poke a few weeks ago, it’s a decent healthy lunch (or dinner). I haven’t tried the rest yet.

Curious which ones will have the best quality. I’ve tried a lot of them in So Cal and quality, like sushi, varies.

I’d bet on Coast Poke Counter, since it’s coming from a La Mar Cebecheria partner, according to Eater.

Poke bowls seem to be the main event

PokeLove in Palo Alto ( town and country )

Now SF needs as many awa and ika mata bars…


Liholiho, perhaps

As I said, I didn’t include new Hawaiian-style places that may have poke on the menu, but for whom it is not their raison d’être . Specifically, I’m counting places that have “poke” in their names as a magnet.

Many places serve poke without being poke places per se, too many to keep track of, just as many places serve burgers e.g. pabu, waterbar, liholiho, delica, koo, even State bird used to serve hamachi poke. Personally I rarely order traditional ahi poke since I’m not a particular fan of that fish.

Having discovered poke nearly twenty years ago on a trip to Hawaii (where it has existed for a lot longer than that), I’m surprised it has taken this long to blow up locally. It takes no special skill to make, one can use scraps of fish, hide the flavour with sauce/spice, and bulk it out with cheaper rice and vegetables.


Poki Run, Milpitas, opened two months ago.

More poke in (Poke Works) Mountain View and Poke Bowl in Palo Alto (near California Avenue/ ECR)

Some not too good poke, kinda like AYCE sushi, seems gross when they use mostly cheap, and not very fresh, and perhaps mushy, fish, served raw. Ugh.

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I am not making this stuff up. There is now a poke related filter on Yelp, and its not the cuisine type filter.

All the Poke Bars will be buying Pokemon attraction modules.

You do realize it’s about the Pokemon Go game, don’t you?

No. I heard about the game. How does it work with Yelp?