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I like this one!

“Several complaints that the meatballs are gritty.”

By Tom Cheney




Yeah, that one’s old. From National Lampoon in the 70’s.

I love the one with the spider and the fly but I think it would be funnier without the caption.


The way how my kitchen looks when I’m cooking for a dinner party.


Mischa Richter


By Jack Ziegler

Museum of Breakfast

Fish again?


I ended up having the Olive Oil cake to go, from Bull Valley Roadhouse in Port Costa, and didn’t share a morsel.

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I have the 2 French ones, Alain Passard and A boire et à manger. Both are good, especially Alain Passard, he is portraited as manic and crazy chef, but I believe in reality, he is like that too.


This is reminding me that Lucky Peach used to do a lot of “comics”.


Haha, I’m still at level 1…


I may have “powered up” to “6”! My “kitchen of tommorow”, anyway.

I just need “hungry onions,” on my “encouragement” apps!

P.S. Huh! Tre just challenged Carla’s racial biasing, or maybe steroetypes, on that Season Nine, episode 11: Top Chef All Stars Stars episode! The “Southern Challenge”.

I might need to watch it 10 more times to decide.


Too many quotation marks.


I guess you are cooking the dishes from the show too?

Just in case, I found the cover of your comics.

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Who has time for this?:roll_eyes: