Eden Silk Road Cuisine (San Francisco Tenderloin) -- Open soon?

Just a heads up: Eden Silk Road Cuisine’s San Francisco location MAY be opening soon. Peering in the window today I was at first skeptical of an imminent opening because the interior looked so spare, diner-like and wanting in the embellishments I expected. However, there were a couple of people at the back swabbing the somewhat ornate flooring, which would seem to be a last step. Buildout of this space has been in fits and starts, so I hesitate to predict anything, but it bears closer watching at this point.

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As of yesterday there was a sign in the wndow that said “HIRING.” No other info other than “work permit required” and a phone no. It was dark inside so I couldn’t see the condition, other than some trash to be cleared out by the front window.

I spoke to the manager of the Fremont location by telephone today and he informed me the San Francisco location would probably open Friday or Saturday of next week (August 5/6).

I’m looking forward to checking it out.

According to the manager at the Fremont location, the SF location won’t be open until the end of August. .

Not open as of today.

Their San Mateo location just opened.

The Eden website says “locations in Fremont, San Francisco and coming soon to San Mateo, CA” which implies the SF location was meant to be open by now. Curious if their problem is permitting, or staffing (cost of labor in SF).

They weren’t open, but this little sign was in the entranceway. There was a note on the door from the city stating that they had 30 days to get an inspection and comply with codes related to disabled access.

Now that you mention it, ADA compliance could be tricky, since the restaurant is several steep steps below street level.

Reminds me of the old sign in a basement cafe in The City “Coffee and a roll downstairs, 10 cents”.

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They’re open now in SF

Quite a bit of coverage on Yelp already, mostly from the management.

I want to know more about the $398 “Roasted Whole Lamb With Vegetables.” Might be my next birthday treat.

They have a sign outside that says they are temporarily closed for renovations. I asked someone inside if he knew when they would reopen, and he said maybe a week.

Any reports?

I stopped by their San Mateo location for a quick snack, which I got as takeout and ate outside. Nan, bread pucks with a bialy-like depression filled with black sesame seeds , were dense and dry, with a millimeter band of uncooked dough in the center. Samsa, lamb filled pastries, had tough dough suggesting they had been reheated by microwave. Insides were still good.

Are these items better at lunchtime or earlier in the evening (I went at 7:50pm)?

I haven’t heard if they’ve reopened. There’s one vacuous 2-sentence “review” on Yelp for 8/6 which may or may not be geniuine, otherwise nothing since June 6.

They still hadn’t reopened when I walked by a little over a week ago (same closed for renovations sign was up).

Was walking by today and noticed that they have reopened finally. It’s down a flight of steps, with a column of booths on one side and tables on the other side. I ordered the lamb laghmen ($14.95) and the lamb dumplings ($7.95). The laghmen had potato, bell peppers, onion, wood ear fungus, cut up string beans, some napa cabbage, and lamb. This was my first laghmen so I don’t have anything to compare it to. I thought it was quite good. Thick handmade chewy noodles, flavorful slightly thick sauce with some tomato flavor.

I liked the lamb dumplings too. Well constructed with a slightly juicy filling with good lamb flavor. They were served with a black vinegar and soy dipping sauce.

Good to know that it’s (hopefully) open for real.

That’s a well-endowed (with meat) laghman, I would say, compared to some versions I have tried. The toppings look a little overcooked and gloppy to me, translucent bell peppers and all, and monochromatic (not that you can eat colors).

The nuts and raisins samsa sound interesting. I’m neither a vegetarian nor lover of sweets generally, but I wish that UIghur restaurants would do more with the walnuts and grapes Xinjiang is noted for (not to mention Hami melons).

Does Eden Silk Road have a dessert menu? i’d like to see an Uighur restaurant offer matang, a walnut paste confection I came across in Shanghai some time ago. It seems like something that would be importable.

Vegetables were indeed soft. The bell peppers for example were not crunchy. Still tasted good though.

Don’t think they do - didn’t get or see a dessert menu. Their online menu seems to be a work in progress, with stock pictures of burgers and fries. https://www.edensilkroad.com/menu

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