Eclipse-mania [Stowe VT]

We left Greater Boston right after half-day school pick up at 1 pm. No traffic at all. We decided to stop at Three Penny Taproom as recommended by @a_m. Our food was great! B had a special, the birria cheesesteak. The birria dipping sauce was incredible (he made me take a sip). He drank it from the bowl, dipped his fries when the sandwich was gone. Spring Onion had a side of salmon. My seared ahi tuna sandwich looked ho-hum when it arrived but it was great. There were piquant pickled veggies, ginger, and an awesome wasabi sauce. Tuna nice and raw in the middle. And I don’t love getting sandwiches these days because I can only manage half, but this was a manageable size on a fun old-school burger bun. Hill Farmstead beer was delightful. We might stop here again on Monday to wait out the traffic to disperse after the eclipse. Came “home” to our little hygge cottage. Ben and Jerry’s tour tomorrow, which SO is very excited about.







Glad you made it up there OK! Heard on tonight’s news that Burlington could be expecting a TON of people and to expect traffic jams getting out of there.


Just curious, what’s your plan for Monday? is reporting something along the lines of “estimated traffic from Burlington to Boston will take 10 hours after the eclipse.” Wish I had the link to that but I can’t find it at the moment. Might consider staying an extra day in Stowe, if you can.


Flying by the seat of our pants. We’re probably gonna chill somewhere and hope we get home at a reasonable hour. :woman_shrugging:t2:

We would take another day here but we’re already taking Spring Onion out of school on Monday so we don’t want to look like the terrible parents that we know we are. He goes to a private school, so they probably don’t care that much.


Have fun!!! Wish we could have gone up to Lake Placid for it (a favorite vacation spot of ours) but my daughter and I had this week off and couldn’t tack on extra time off.

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For people who didn’t make any plans, other than the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour (Spring Onion loved it), we had a great day. Started out with breakfast at Woodland Baking which was recommended by our neighbor friends in Arlington. The guys got the egg and cheese sandwich with bacon. B scarfed it down while SO nibbled his bacon (on the side) and barely had half of his sandwich. He argued that he must have slow metabolism, which explains his small capacity for eating. :angry: I got the samosa hand pie - nice crust, wanted more spicing in the filling. But still love a samosa for breakfast. Does anyone from the Greater Boston area who took the red line from Alewife remember the couple who ran the convenience stand smack dab in the middle of the concourse? I used to get a samosa nearly every morning for my breakfast, so it reminded of those days. Both B and I wanted hot sauce for our respective meals. We didn’t ask. Took the leftovers with us.

Headed to Ben & Jerry’s and the ice cream sample today was a new-ish flavor - mango with sweet cream. The funny thing is, both SO and B are OBSESSED with mangoes. B is known to buy cases of champagne mangoes at HMart so the guys were psyched. I lost my interest in ice cream around after I had Spring Onion, but this was a flavor I could get behind. Not-too-sweet, refreshing. The flavor graveyard was fun.




We thought about what to do next and decided, let’s go for the science museum in Burlington, not knowing what the crowds would look like. And we were pleasantly surprised! It seemed like a normal Saturday crowd at the museum and there was no discernible effects on traffic throughout town. And at the museum, B and SO got interviewed on the local (channel 3) news. The segment didn’t make it to tonight’s 6 pm broadcast but maybe 11 pm or tomorrow?! SO was a little disappointed - he even got himself all fancy for the interview by combing his hair with his fingers. :joy:

We had an awesome late lunch at Burlington Beer Company. Beer was excellent, particularly the Totemic Might and Orbital Elevator. The food was great. Chicken tenders for SO, bulgogi nachos for B (the kraut-chi was fantastic), mushroom tart for me. I can never say no to mushroom dishes and once I heard this was NOT a quiche, I jumped on it. Delicious, with a shatteringly-good crust and loads of well-cooked down leeks. The citrus-y parsley ricotta whipped sauce was a wonderful accompaniment. Fun huge space in a beautiful old mill building. Arcade games! Lots of happy people. As usual, no clue what we’re doing tomorrow. :laughing: I think we’re in for the night.







I’m going to be in Burlington in a couple of weeks for a gig - definitely adding that mushroom tart to my list of must-haves!


Expecting a massive amount of traffic for the eclipse, Niagara Falls, Ontario has declared a state of emergency.


That whole area is so nice. We did the Ben & Jerry’s factory tour with our two younger kids a few years back. Ben Cohen was on-site giving an interview to a local college kid, and was just the most gracious fella you could ever wish for. He stayed around at least an hour after the interview just talking to people and letting them get selfies (my wife and kids were checking out the Graveyard at the time and I’d had too much ice cream and just sat on a bench and watched the goings-on).

Lots of dairy-cheese operations in the area, too. I brought back almost 20 pounds of some of the best cheese I’ve ever had. Boston-Logan thought it looked like plastique explosives in my luggage… Urg.


Its probably too late to suggest a trip to Shelburne Farm, a little north of Burlington and where the annual cheese festival was held for a while.
It is a working farm that was created in the 1800s and has quite a history.
There are walking trails, animals to see, an inn and restaurant, store.
Depending on the weather it might be fun.

And it will be very cold I’m sure, but there is a boat ride around Lake Champlain that we always enjoyed in August, dropping our youngest off at school.
Enjoy the area, there is a lot to see.

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Sorry the delay…lots of non-fun schtuff going on chez digga lately (including coming home to a leaking dishwasher/damage to our wooden kitchen floor).

Nevertheless, here’s the rest of my report.

A sunny Sunday, we headed up to Stowe resort to watch the festive sugar slalom end-of-the-season event. Crowded but with our Mini Cooper, we managed to find a Mini-sized spot and took the over-easy gondola over to the ski slope. Spring Onion was most excited to have some maple sugar snow candy (and a funny tradition, they also serve sliced up pickles at the bottom of the run). The guy in charge of the maple sugar was loving life - swigging his beer, he was big enough to block out the sun, and he was clearly the most popular guy at the event. Time for lunch, so we decided to head into town, thinking we would go to Ranch Camp but instead, we stopped for pizza at Piecasso. B and I had a veggie one with broccoli. It was adequate but importantly, SO ate 5 kid-sized cheese slices, which is a lot for him. It was nice sitting out on the patio and we could access the Stowe recreation path from the parking lot. I left the guys who were skipping rocks and decided to walk towards town…and then I spied…traffic. I told the guys once they came to fetch me around the vicinity of Ranch Camp, we decided to stop for a drink and a dessert (a too-decadent brownie sundae). Once the traffic subsided, we went into the town center and walked around a bit. I can never resist a general store so we popped in, bought some magic card tricks, and chatted with the owner (?) Good for business, but it had been rather hectic for them. Headed home and ate leftovers.




Monday - the big event! Cloud cover was forecast, so we decided to head 1 hour NE, towards Glover VT. We stumbled onto a charming town, Irasburg, where people were gathering on the town green, and their even more charming 1-room public library, Leach. They opened up early on that Monday for the eclipse and the librarian immediately welcomed us in, offered us eclipse and moon rock cookies (how did she know that B and SO are both cookie monsters), eclipse glasses, a craft for SO. We spent a good amount of time in there, SO and I reading, B catching up on work. As we left, SO said, “she’s a very nice librarian.” I LOVE libraries and I left with my heart feeling very full (and with a hardcover copy of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” from their pay-as-you-wish book sale; as a former cancer cell biologist, it’s criminal that I’ve yet to read this). SO pointed out “Odder,” a story about a baby otter told in poems, to me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



We debated whether or not to stay in Irasburg, but decided to stick with our original plan and head to Glover, where we motivated to hang out at Parker Pie Company. Well, so did everyone and their uncle (it was probably 100 people, scattered around at the restaurant and at the surrounding spaces?), but they managed to squeeze everyone in. This is place is smack-dab in the middle of not-much-else; this improbable group of lovable folks (cool staff with green hair and tattoos), and a very nice beer (and wine, too) menu made us feel content with our decision. We snagged a spot on their porch. I must say, the pizza (chicken/broccoli/bacon for B and cheese for me and SO) was just ok - based on the underside of the crust, I think they resorted to store-bought crusts for the occasion (I don’t think that’s their norm) but are there times when the experience transcends the food? This was us. We and the throngs of our new best friends happily watched as totality happened. And it was awesome. B got great photos with his SLR/tripod setup. And we would gladly go back to Parker Pie under “normal” conditions.











We were in no hurry home. All told it took us about 5 hours (with a stop) to reach Arlington and we wouldn’t change it one bit. To complete the circle from my silly April Fools Day McDonald’s post, SO got hunger pangs around 7 pm so we stopped in Plymouth VT at a McDonald’s somewhat removed from RT89 and even there, there was a back-up. But we didn’t care and SO gobbled his Happy Meal. Got home around 10 pm, tired and happy. They say there will be a total eclipse in Iceland in 2026 and in Egypt in 2027… :wink:

PS @grumpyspatient we love Shelburne Museum, but it’s presently closed for the season. Last time B and I went, it was for a Wilco concert (Oy… in 2007! I had to look it up). If nothing else, we are consistent in what we like!


Great report, thanks!


WONDERFUL report - good food, good people, good librarying, and freakin’ AMAZING pictures! I love that you got the diamond ring as well as the full eclipse closeups. :heart:


Correction—I see you @grumpyspatient were referring to the farm, not the museum. But that also is closed until May. In any case, we hope to soon return.


Thanks for posting those photos…the best I’ve seen! …and writing about your wonderful experience.


Terrific report, terrific trip, loved all the photos - both food and eclipse ! Iceland in 2026 you say ? Time to start planning, making reservations. Thank you, Digga !


Loved reading this post and seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing!


Your eclipse photos are amazing! The grainy, kind of semi-focused (if you squint) snaps I captured on my iPhone are, to put it mildly, beyond poor in comparison. What sort of equipment did you use?

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Like, really, you couldn’t, like, measure more precisely the bending of light around the sun, as Eddington did in 1919, to confirm Einstein’s General Relativity?

Other than that, great report.


Thanks for taking us along (virtually) on your eclipse viewing adventure! The photos you shared are stunning—would not have been able to fully appreciate the wonder of it all otherwise.