Eat to stay healthy

In our post Corona world, more than ever, we need to eat foods to help boost our immune systems. I thought I’d start with this article on the worst foods for your immune system:

Bananas and pineapples are on both the avoid and consume lists in this article.


So are chiles. And that tells you everything you need to know. Also, yogurt is bad but kefir is good, because they’re so very different.


These ideas are only valid if you’re healthy with no underlying conditions.
Both those lists are irrelevant for CKD patients and some foods listed are potential disasters.
That’s why I am wary of these one size fits all “solutions “.

@bbqboy got it spot on I think. One size fits all attempt that doesn’t. The also seem to have a real issue with histamines and carbs. “Refined carbs are bad - oh unrefined carbs are bad.” Jeepers.

“0.1% of people find their sinuses get more congested if you eat rice with a cold so no one should eat rice.”

They don’t list sources (Food Babe?) and don’t even–that I found–have a byline for the author(s). Not credible. I want my ten minutes back.

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Hi Seal
I think so much consumption of oily,fatty and salty food will goes on the top of this list.

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2 Brazil nuts a day for selenium. Good for health and helpful against Covid.

Brazil nuts are on the drug interaction list for certain medications.

My rule of thumb is to abandon ship when a linked article contains more ads than content, as in this case of clickbait. There’s rarely any there there.

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Or you can just stop eating altogether and never have to worry about getting sick ever again…:sneezing_face:


If the rice thing applies in this sketchy article, they’ve never experienced the magic of congee while sick. Same applies for GI bugs. BRAT includes white rice. It’s often the first thing listed on an elimination diet, and is what many/most? Pediatricians recommend for baby’s first solid food, due to extremely low allergy potential. Of course too much white rice bad for diabetics, and converts rapidly to glucose in the body. But easy to digest. Huge subject, that’s part of the little I know. Agree w/@greygarious. And excellent point @MikeG! Still, thanks to OP, fun to talk about this stuff.

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As a diabetic, I eat a lot of the things on their list. But remember they only listed foods that were bad to eat when you have a cold or flu.

Plus, I just love to look through these articles and nod at the few I agree with and laugh at all the ones I don’t.

Take your point on cold/flu angle, but congee! Among others. Still, thanks, and yes we can all laugh at some silliness.

The title though makes a big deal about one’s immune system which is, to me, click bait in the midst of a pandemic. This is part of the Food Babe effect. Just stupid.


My wife gets two Peanut M&Ms and two Good & Plenty each day. That keeps her happy and by extension me.

You mean like SE?

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“Good and Plenty”?” Yikes!

Cute jingle but still not a fan of black licorice .

Even better!

I guess this is off topic.

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Right up there (down there?) with Necco wafers, which I think are now extinct.
Hopefully anyway.

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Home grown micro greens on a grilled dog def counts.


I stopped reading when I came to the part about dairy causing mucus formation. That was a common opinion during the health-food craze in the '60s and '70s, but research doesn’t support it. The article also makes broad claims about foods causing inflamation, and I can’t find evidence of that, either.