Easy Halloween Food Fun

I was in need of some culinary Halloween fun. Just for smiles and because my niece and nephew may be visiting shortly before Halloween and thought I should have something unexpected but easy.

I came across this article and a couple of the ideas just seemed too easy not to try - these ideas were easy enough to do just from the image alone, no recipe needed . . .

Anyone else have any “no recipe needed” halloween food ideas just to put a smile “on a plate”?

Link just for credit:


Some of my creations from Halloween’s gone by.
(foot loaf (also can make a brain loaf ) - jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers and quesadilla’s - monster pies )


Very cool!

Resurrecting this thread from the dead. I’m hosting a small impromptu party tomorrow. I’m the furthest thing from Instagram/Pinterest mom as you can get. I need simple, fun, tasty, not terribly unhealthy ideas for kids all under 10 and some adults. Importantly, they have to be idiot-proof. Thanks for any ideas.

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Sloppy Joes

Rice krispie treat jack o’lanterns.

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Can’t do papa John’s but jack o lantern pizza delivery someone will do it … this could be the do nothing option which is always a plus

Bust out a knife on quesadillas in similar fashion ?

Your son sounds like he would enjoy these mummy hotdogs I think we’re gonna try it


Peanuts m and Ms protein


Anything with spaghetti, like these

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Could you do a taco bar? Keeps it easy and people can add the toppings they want.

Lots of Halloween Taco Bar/Board things online

Even easier is chile with toppings to add. I don’t like red chile con carne much myself, could do a white chicken/turkey chile or green chile.

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