Easter Lamb Cake

My vegan daughter and I have decided to make a 3D Easter lamb cake for the first time. I bought a Nordicware pan, but am wondering about the cake part. Many recipes suggest using pound cake for the body since it has a denser crumb and is sturdier. I don’t think making it vegan will be a big problem, but what do all of you experienced lamb cake bakers think of the pound cake idea?
We’re probably crazy, right?! She’s in charge of decorating it so I’m sure it will have a lot of sprinkles and a demented expression…Thanks.

I always use a pound cake for the lamb cake. I am a scratch baker, but always use the mix for this because that is what my grandma did. Be sure to post a photo of the sprinkles/demented expression!

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Thanks. Any particular brand you would recommend?

I just use plain ol’ Betty Crocker. It’s what the family expects the cake to taste like and always makes everyone happy. Homemade frosting and coconut fur!


How long do you bake it for? It’s in the oven now and I’ve tested it a couple of times through the little hole in the head. I’m going to take it out at an hour. It may be a little overdone, but I’d rather have that than underdone.
Can’t do the coconut because I’m the only one here who likes it!

I loved these when I was a kid. Please post pics.

Curious though, how on earth do you do a vegan pound cake with no butter or eggs? I may have to take to google to figure that out.

I just follow the directions on the box. I want to say an hour sounds about right. I will check when I make it. I always: fill the face side, put toothpicks in the ear and wrap the whole thing in kitchen twine.