[East Oakland] Cambodian Street Food


Has anyone been to the new place Cambodian Street Food in East Oakland that replaced On Luck Food To Go- The Khmer Corner. Ignoring the non-Cambodian dishes which seem to be carryovers from the previous restaurant, there seems to be a few Khmer specialties. Anyone tried? Worth going?


Katherine Hamilton of the East Bay Express seemed to like it. I plan to go there after the Holidays and try the amok (steamed fish mousse in banana leaf) as well as catch some Cambodian New Year events next April. A few blocks away is Mithepheap Cambodian Market in a mini mall at 1400 International Blvd that has a limited supply of green curry noodle soup with herbs to assemble for take-out at lunch time and other items.


Oh I missed that one! That sounds real good. Have to go there some time! Please let us know how you like it too when you go.