East Bay Eateries near Amtrak

If you want plan to make a day out of it in Davis and walk across campus rather than stay in the 10 min walk downtown area, I’ve gotten some excellent food from Chengdu Style during the pandemic. I’d appreciate any updates on Downtown eateries too!


In Berkeley, Augie’s is closed indefinitely. On Fourth St. I can recommend Pollara Pizza, “Roman” style with a remarkably light crust. There’s the higher-end Cal-Italian Zut!, with outdoor seating, and Bette’s, a retro American diner (with very long waits at lunch time).

The Emeryville Public Market has only about a third of the stalls it had before the renovation. Super Duper is good. Minnie Bell’s fried chicken is superlative. There’s also a decent enough ramen place. A Palestinian stall, Mamma Lamees, gets good reviews but I haven’t tried it yet.


Thank you!

Not ready to “test” son and DIL, who recently arrived after a few years in Turkey, with Mamma Lamees. It might be perfect in a few months!

I’ve been to Bette’s and enjoyed it, but not sure it’s an Amtrak destination for me. I might have to add something to my agenda besides eating!

Unless it’s fried chicken. I could spend a day sampling fried chicken.

I might have to bring my car.

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Augie’s went on hiatus a few weeks ago and I think they are still closed. That stop is only a block away from the heart of 4th St. I have not eaten on 4th since Cafe Rouge closed but Bette’s used to be good. I do like Catahoula Coffee which is 1 block south of this stop.

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