Dumpling Story [San Francisco, Mission]

I went to the new location of Dumpling Story in the Mission for lunch today. Dumpling Story is a sister restaurant to the excellent Dumpling Home in Hayes Valley and some of the other Dumpling blank restaurants in the area that are related to each other in some way. I like this pollination of great dumplings from Dumpling Home spinoffs to different neighborhoods (some of which are not particularly known for Chinese food) - from Forest Hill to Lower Pac Heights to Oakland to Walnut Creek etc. and now to the Mission.

More info about Dumpling Story Valencia from Mission Local:

I had the Ginger and Green Onion Noodle (dry) ($13.95) which was a Shanghai style ginger scallion noodle. I enjoyed it - the thin noodles were al dente and dressed with soy, crisp fried green onion, a hint of ginger, and fresh green onion.

And also a small order of the Numb and Spicy Pork Xiao Long Bao (4) ($9.95) which were excellent. They had thin wrappers that didn’t leak and a nice slightly mala broth.

And of course I had to try their Juicy Pork Bao (6) ($13.95) which were great as well. They were very similar to the ones at Dumpling Home and its spinoffs that I’ve tried. They had a crispy bottoms and lots of juice.

They have beer and wine to drink along with tea and other soft drinks. I had a bottle of Master Gao’s Jasmine Tea Lager from Nanjing which was quite nice and light with maybe a bit of tea flavor.


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