[SF Mission] Komaaj Northern Iranian Cuisine

Maria from Mission Local -

Komaaj Northern Iranian Cuisine at 10-20 29th St (at Mission St) in the Mission, SF

Rasht Mazzeh

…pomegranate smoked trout, beet yogurt, fava-dill dip, eggplant and walnut dip, Dalar yogurt, salted fish roe, pickles, fava beans, fresh herbs, veggies, and Sangak – a flatbread that was more like crackers. Everything was beautiful and fresh with distinct flavors – and the only thing I’d tried before was the beet yogurt, a brilliantly hued spread that had a touch of sweetness to it .


Baaji Cooks, A Story of Northern Iranian Cuisine Trailer, a short film made by Chef Hanif Sadr of Komaaj and Mohammad Talani

from KQED in 2016 -

Komaaj Chef Hanif Sadr:

“But Iranian cuisine is much richer than just kabob and rice,” says Sadr. “In Northern Iran the amount of herbs that people use in their dishes, I guess it’s not comparable to any other type of cuisine I’ve known internationally. Cilantro, parsley, mint, dill, green onion, basil, spinach – they all get mixed together with molasses, from sour orange molasses, to plum molasses.”