"Dumpling Houses/Cafes" in the Greater Boston Area

Inspired by the recent adventures of the other half of @Parsnipity, I ate food from the Cambridge Dumpling House tonight:

At 6 0’clock you have tofu&pork and at 9 the cumin lamb (both really good) but I’m an organ man when my wife is in Santa Barbara, as she now is, contemplating the Universe. What’s at midnight/noon and at 3?


Gonna guess duck tongue at 12, and fried pork intestine at 3.

They do look like duck tongues, but they were in fact chilled pig ears. Very nice and with a little snap. You’re right on the fried intestines – nice and crunchy with only a faint hint of funk.

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Just to add a data point, Dumpling Kitchen on Highland Ave in Somerville about 1/2 mile outside of Davis Square, is not our favorite Dumpling institution. Despite living right around the corner, we only got takeout from them once or twice and found it completely sub-par. I don’t even remember what we got, but likely the same mix of dishes we enjoyed at Wang’s and Dumpling House (Cambridge).

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12 actually looks like sliced pig ears to me. The pieces are a bit long and thin for duck tongue. Agree that 3 is definitely intestines.

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