Duke's Mayo

Brilliant! They actually have those at DeCicco’s too. Wait, they used to… Covid

Got one yesterday. Haven’t opened it yet. Can’t wait to try it.

Kewpie is smoother, and sweet (not as sweet as Miracle Whip, thank goodness). I like it, and the narrow bead from the squeeze bottle means you don’t need to spread a glob around. I feel that I use less of it that way than when applying mayo with a knife or spreader.

I bought Duke’s once and can’t understand the devotion. The two types of Sir Kensington’s I’ve tried - one was remoulade, can’t remember what the other was called - were both like a somewhat better version of 1000 Island dressing or McDonald’s special sauce.


I finally got the good Mayo from BJs. It’s so much better. Better flavor and texture. My tuna never tasted so good!!!


I’m a Duke’s fan. I usually stock up when our local Publix has a BOGO deal

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I’m certain that familiarity, especially childhood/teenage familiarity, has a lot to do with most people’s mayonnaise preferences. Not many people methodically try every kind they can get their hands on just to see, and even in most of those cases, people pick their old favourite anyway.

Okay. I’ll come out. I’ve been a Best Foods/Hellman’s user/buyer all. my life. But it has gone through the roof in price in my area. I picked up a jar of Banquet at our Grocery Outlet, $2.49 for 30 oz. jar. I have to be honest. In a blind test, I’m not sure I could distinguish it from Best Foods. It’s my new normal.

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I grew up with Miracle Whip and used it until about 2001 one my new then-wife balked. I found I much prefer Hellmans. The only thing I like better is homemade mayo. Dukes strikes me as too sweet for my taste.


Childhood experience doesn’t always carry forward. I and dh grew up on Miracle Whip but in adulthood “saw the light” and switched to Best Foods mayonnaise, and progressed to homemade.


I grew up on Hellmans, which I was led to believe was essentially the same as Best Foods here on the West Coast.
I’ll admit I love the IDEA of procuring Dukes as much as I love Duke’s. I thought it was the one without added sugar.

I don’t know for sure, but I think Best Foods and Hellman’s are exactly the same product in exactly the same jar with only the label changed.

I’m embarrassed that I took this seriously.

Huffpo Hellmann’s vs. Best Foods Mayonnaise: Is There A Difference

Eat This Not Says this, among other things; " In 1927, Postum Foods bought the Hellmann’s brand. Since both brands were such commanding market shares in their respective regional markets, Postum allowed both brands and recipes to be preserved. Following a rebranding effort in 1968, they started using the characteristic Hellmann’s blue ribbon on the Best Foods packaging, according to The Huffington Post . Unilever purchased the company in 2000, and as of 2007, both products have featured the same exact logo".

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Bad science if the article is an accurate representation of what they did.

No normalization for what I will call pompous elitism. grin

Should have had multiple test runs of Hellmans (H) vice Best Foods (B). This would reflect consistency. Should also have done tests of H v. H and B v. B. I bet you some of the testers would have insisted there were differences between each brand and itself. This would reflect on the margins of error in the test.

There is really very little good science in food media testing. Serious Eats is among the worst, mostly because they make a big deal of science and then fall down on the job. All of them fail on testing with statistical significance.


Huffington Post would have needed at least 1,710 test runs to have a credible test.

Why do you encourage me?

Buisness Insider

" Is there a difference in taste?

Both tubs have almost identical ingredients, though there is one minor difference. The “Best Foods” variety has 5 milligrams more sodium in each 14-gram serving."

Modern Farmer

" The recipes are alleged to be slightly different, though the exact combinations are top-secret proprietary information. Though nearly identical, some still argue that they taste slightly different (Best Foods supposedly uses a touch more lemon juice)."

In story called it an “urban legend”! I LOVE those!

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Duke’s regular does not have sugar. I order mine from Costco as I’ve never seen it in my area (the Jersey Shore).

People who use more mayo than I do said that there was a definite change for the worse in Heckperson’s/Pretty Good Foods’ recipe in around 2018. (They said it got weaker, so I made the names less distinctive too)

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