Duck Sauce question

Forgive me but I like the duck sauce packets I pick up at the restaurant for certain things like the misshapen char siu baos I make

I have bought gold’s (not bad) and mikes (?)
but they were way too chunky, clumpy etc especially the latter

any suggestions?

I don’t want to make my own if I don’t have to!

Could you put the Gold’s in a blender to puree it a bit? I grew up with Gold’s; my dad used it on steak when BBQ-ing in the summer…at least I think it was Gold’s. Senioritis means the memory is a bit foggy on some details from my youth of many years ago.

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Have you considered buying duck sauce packets from Amazon? These are sold in boxes of 50 or 200, and I suspect the shelf life is infinity.

What some people call duck sauce is different from this, but you still might look on Amazon to see if something looks like the right match for you.

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Thanks Both! may go for the packets :smiley:

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I worked with a man whose family had run a Chinese restaurant. He told me they use the supermarket type jarred duck sauce, blended with applesauce, rice vinegar added to taste. Works for me!

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Traditionaly, it’s a plum sauce. Should be sweet and sour.

I don’t know if the formula has changed or not.

You can make your own one, it’s a “jam”. Should be easy to do.

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