Drying salad ingredients

Agreed, I use my spinner all the time(nothing worse than water logger lettuce) and unless there’s a sht ton of dirt or grit a quick rinse is all that it takes. It’s not rocket surgery ppl… :smiley:

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No, but restaurants typically put their lettuce in water with a small bit of bleach.

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I think I may have misread your post. Are you saying you don’t believe Mexican restaurants shred, wash and spin their lettuce? If so, do you believe that only Mexican restaurants don’t shred, wash and spin their lettuce, or are there other offenders you believe to exist?

I’m sure some bad restaurants DON’T spin (let alone drain) their lettuce. This is my Pet Peeve #1 with Mex places.

I’m sorry, but this is a Mexican restaurant only issue? Nationwide?


I know what kind of place @Miss_belle means - one of the big chains, like Chevy’s or my hometown fave, Garcia’s of Scottsdale. Where most every plate comes with shredded iceberg and pale tomato cubes and a little Mexican flag stuck in the refried beans.

Well, I’ve never been served a dripping tostada in an Italian place…

But no. Pick your cuisine. To me it’d be an issue whenever shredded greens are plated.

I worked in restaurant kitchens for 35+ years, and we never ever put bleach in the salad wash water, that’s gross.

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I doubt that. Fruit Fresh, probably, but not bleach.


I agree it is gross, but it was not an uncommon move as a lazy way to pass inspections. Just a few drops in a big plastic bucket. I have only seen it done with pre-shredded iceberg.

If you had a salad washer there was no need.

Crappy lower end restaurants.

I noticed this when shopping for a new spinner.

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I used to work at Souplantation and I don’t ever recall the salad (i.e. non-prepared salads like lettuce, cabbage, spinach, etc.) being dried or spinned.

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I wonder if some restaurants don’t spin their lettuce so that you’ll know they washed it.:grinning:


Or, maybe they leave it dripping for the same reason?

I used to lunch once every week with 3 colleagues, and we’d rotate restaurant choice. One guy would always pick the same bland, dreary Mex place, where, no matter what anyone ordered, the plates arrived with a mound of lettuce shred that drained pools onto the plates.

It was obvious to me that whoever was plating was just tonging or spooning out of a crisping bath with no concern.

The place went TU before I could leave a slotted spoon as a tip.

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If they say they’re organic and washed, I may not wash them, but again, it depends on how they look. But I usually do.

A couple of years ago I bought some pre-washed organic greens, in which I found a huge dead grasshopper! I returned it to the store, opting for a cash refund, rather than replacement. :upside_down_face:

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I saw a photo on FB long ago that had a wee frog in an allegedly sealed bag of salad. No idea if it was rigged or not, but if it was organic, I can see it potentially happening

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Yeah, the produce manager wasn’t too surprised, I was a little squicked out, but at least it wasn’t a slug or something more gross. I feel better at least rinsing even pre-washed stuff, if I’m eating it raw.

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