Dry-salt-packed, canned anchovy uses?

Topic title pretty much covers my query, but I’ll add that I recently bought this specific two-pack of anchovies via Amazon:

I sent one can off with my son to college (I’m now an empty nester, but so pleased to see his blooming interest in cooking–I think my years of throwing world cuisine at him have had a welcome effect).

In any case, I haven’t used this form of anchovy before. I understand that they get rinsed and soaked for a while in water or milk, and sometimes are served with a drizzle of olive oil. My own instinct is to think that something in the direction of bruschetta, with some herbs and summer tomato and Pecorino, would be apt.

But I’ll welcome all further thoughts before I open my tin and offer suggestions to my sweet son.

My favorite brand . Soak them in water and rinse gently. Pull the backbone out . The best anchovy you will taste . Use them for whatever.


The anchovies are a wonderful thing to send with your son…If he likes them then sign him up here for a mountain of suggestions, especially adding them to pasta dishes…

You are not an empty nester yet…condition precedent…when he earns enough to rent/buy his own place and invite you for dinner, then you will be an empty nester…I have five the oldest 40 and the youngest 25…last year the 32 year old got married and we became empty nesters!

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Salt-packed needs rinsing. I love the taste of anchovies. My favourite pasta without sauce is the simplest dish ever: anchovies, garlic, bread crumbs and good olive oil. I don’t use any recipe but you might want to check out Wolfert’s for instructions. I always add capers to mine.


Sweet. I adore Wolfort cookbooks more than maybe any other author’s. Thanks!

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