Dried bread from Italian market?

I noticed a woman ahead of me in line at a local Italian market that had an armful of these dried, horizontally halved breads. I asked the cashier what those breads were used for and she told me they soaked them in water then ate them with olive oil, tomatoes and cheese. It was her favorite childhood snack. I didn’t catch the name of this bread based recipe but thought I’d easily find reference to it online - but no, I struck out so I am asking the HOs for any info on this.
Is there a name for this dish? Are there other creations using these breads? Thanks!


Other recipes? Zuni’s Bread Salad

Down here in Puglia, they’re called friselle or frise, and normally served as part of the antipasti, topped with chopped tomatoes, salt & oil. Elizabeth Minchilli’s blog has a lot more info: http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.com/2011/08/bread-and-tomatoes-friselle/

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Thank you! Now I have a name for them. Your link was very helpful too. Next I will have to try them, esp now with tomatoes in such abundance.

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