Dried bread - any good recipes

My freezer has some problem, we ended up with a big pile very dried bread, too hard to consume, too wasteful to trash them all. Sometimes, I soaked them with flavoured milk (honey, vanilla mixed with milk) and fried them in pan (the French toast, I supposed…)

Do any you have other interesting recipes?

We love it in savory bread pudding/casserole/strata. Perfect now that the weather is getting cooler.



I usually make bread crumbs with dried bread and store in the freezer. If the bread is not too far gone, I’ll also make herbed croutons. The croutons store nicely in the freezer until you’re ready to use. I second the bread pudding suggestions. You could make a stuffing for a roast chicken. Some recipes:
panzanella http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/panzanella-recipe.html
ribollita https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2011/apr/03/nigel-slater-classic-ribollita
leek bread pudding http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Leek-Bread-Pudding-356429
Dorie Greenspan’s stuffed pumpkin http://www.marthastewart.com/348891/pumpkin-stuffed-everything-good?slide=348891&czone=food%2Fproduce-guide-cnt%2Fproduce-guide-fall&gallery=274288&crlt.pid=camp.jwc1ALjw9ue3&center=%3Fxsc%3Dsoc_pin_pumpkinstuffedwitheverythinggood_08152013


Panzanella, of course, and bread soups like ribollita. I can’t remember the name of the pureed soup that’s essentially garlic, bread, and broth.

Bread crumbs with melted butter (or other savory fat) can serve as a quiche crust. The custard WILL soak into the crumbs but once baked, it holds them together so it slices neatly.

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+1 for any sort of bread puddings

I like this tomato bread soup- but! The texture i find off-putting, so i blitz it with my immersion blender and love the creamy thick texture that it gets

Something like this indulgent "baked french toast " would work well, definitely assemble night before

Make breadcrumbs and then use for spanish migas

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This is my case, but fridge has gone weird. The defrost bread became very hard and dry. I suspected there is some problem with the temperature of the freezer.

So what if the bread is hard and dry? Grind it up in a food processor or blender, or use a plastic bag and rolling pin (or wine bottle).

Thank you everybody for all the recipes. I tried last night one of @Pumpernickel 's link, the leek bread pudding. I didn’t follow exactly the quantity specified in the recipes, I used less cream, the oven time was reduced to 50 minutes, the result was pretty good for a side dish.

I will try out some of the other recipes in the near, as I have still bread in my freezer.

Geez! I should say so! I just read the recipe and I have no idea how this would ever take an hour and a half to bake. I often don’t get the fussiness of Keller’s recipes - I mean I can’t understand how the fuss would lead to a superior result. It’s not that I think this is a bad recipe or anything but I also don’t see that it would lead to a better result than a more quotidian recipe like, oh, PIoneer Woman’s.

I think his original idea is to reduce the milk cream mixture with the long cooking, but I think the top would be too burnt. So the temperature should be lowered if need to be cooked for 1.5 hour.

For the leftover of the leek pudding, I add some grated parmesan, and reheated in oven, it was even better. To improve the dish, I think no need to cook the leek beforehand for 30 minutes, maybe 10 minutes is enough, the leeks disappeared with so much cooking.

The next recipe I will try next week is the sausage breakfast casserole in simply recipes, looks delicious, it will be dinner rather than breakfast though. I will post the result.

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