Drafts disappearing

I’ve lost two drafts in the past week to a thread, one that I was working on maybe an hour or so ago. Any idea what’s up? I’ve responded to posts on other threads in between closing the draft’s browser window, and going back to it.

Do you know when you started losing the drafts?

I suspect it may be related to this

It may be that the newest version of the software, which I think I updated to late last week, is buggy. If the timing matches, that is.

Regardless, tonight I am downgrading the software back to last week’s version, or even earlier, dependent on when you start having troubles.

Sorry, I don’t know when I started to lose the drafts. I’ll play around a bit and let you know if I can replicate (no big deal-- I had most of the draft written in my e-mail so nothing was really lost)

software downgraded. please let me know if you still encounter issues.

Drat. Lost another one. In Safari running OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks), I was writing a draft for this page, I accidentally clicked on an external yelp link at about 10:25 or a few minutes after, hit the back button on my browser, and the draft was gone. I tried to replicate the problem but was unable.

This may reflect a problem with my browser more than HO— links are supposed to open up in a new tab, but in this case it advanced in the same window to the yelp page.

If you exit the page, it won’t keep the draft. Mine is the same way.

Odd. When I do my draft, as long as I see ‘Saved’ next to the edit window, even if i go to another web site, another page of HO, then come back, the draft is still here. Are you using Safari?

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I agree, it seems a lot of drafts are disappearing lately:

Skål !