Can't start new topic

We have a problem that when one clicks on the start new topic button on desktop it doesn’t work. Trying to figure out why. May have to restart server later in the day.

How I started this topic? On my phone.

ETA: even replying seems to be sometimes problematic.

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It was a problem this morning (UK time), then righted itself after about an hour and has been working fine since then (obviously including right now)

really ? I still have problems now.

more so on firefox it seems.

I’m on Firefox.

actually now i have problems on both firefox and chrome on desktop

and now the problem just went away for me. I am perplexed.

Does anyone else have problems now or previously? Please report what browser and computer you are using. Report if you don’t have issues too.

No problems using chrome on desktop.

No problem with Firefox on my laptop.

I still run into it from time to time. If it doesn’t work, reload the page by pressing F5 on the keyboard or click the reload button in the browser until it works again.

some other folks who use the software suggested its the latest version of the software having bugs. so I will downgrade the software later in the evening.

Yes, I had that problem when I started the nostalgia thread. Had to start it on my ipad which explains why I didn’t write much!

I can reply now 4:03 PST.

software downgraded. issue went away for me. please let me know if you still encounter issues.

I am having the same problem

And it just corrected itself
took several attempts

I spoke too soon…still having issues

hmmph did you have issues before tuesday?

Interestingly i had all kinds of issues before, but now none whatsoever. i’ll have to research some more.

anyone else encounters this issue now?

I don’t remember Sampson … I was finally able to start the new thread yesterday

after you were able to start a new thread, did it go back to being problematic?

It was a little crazy for a while in regards to getting threads to display
I just tried to begin a new topic without any problems … TY

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