Doughnuts in Westchester ny

I woke up craving a Boston cream doughnut and this made me ponder doughnuts in general. What options do we have for doughnuts in Westchester? I am totally drawing a blank. Please help me or else I will have to go to Dunkin donuts and regret it for the rest of my life! :slight_smile:

Ugh, Dunkin is the worst. Besides the cider donuts at Salinger’s, which are great, for other types my favorites are at Bees Cakes in Armonk. Absolutely what donuts are supposed to taste like.

beescakesny. com

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Personally, I really like fresh Dunkin glazed, and jelly munchkins.

The sweetness of Dunkin always gives me a sugar hangover. Actually, the more I think about it, I’d go for an eclair too. Or anything with pastry cream!

Beascake? Wow this looks awesome. Thank you!

Great bakery. Delicious, beautiful stuff and great, great donuts!

Beascakes,but I’ve yet to try their jelly doughnuts, first time- they were out,2nd time told only Sundays,third time (Sunday) all out:( ,Galloways miniature jellies are very good - open Friday thru Sunday only. Martines makes a very good jelly and Boston creme. The other day , I stopped at stop and shop and they had boxes of paczi jelly doughnuts pkg. of 4 for 92 cents- heated they were pretty good.Not great jam/jelly but flavorful and at 23 cents per doughnut a bargain! Btw,besides the doughnuts,not a fan of Martines at all- but good doughnuts.

Interesting… I’ve been in that shopping center several times, as recently as last week to eat at Kira Sushi (great lunch specials). I’ve popped into the bakery a couple of times but never bought anything. The donuts look good on their website. I’m surprised there aren’t any places up here like Dough in NYC. There’s a place in Croton that makes freshly made donuts, so maybe that’s as close as we have. They apparently make them to order with your choice of toppings, although I think the donut itself is plain (and no fillings, so there goes your Boston Cream). I’ve seen them on Restaurant Hunter, he liked them. The menu on their website says it’s only $1.49 for a donut (less in quantity), which is less than I would have expected.

BTW I do kind of hate Bea’s website search engine baiting by putting stuff like “best bakery serving the Scarsdale, NY & Greenwich, CT areas” on the header of various pages.

Save your $$$, Hot dippity donuts are just awful, maybe worse than Dunkin if that is even possible. They are sugar bombs that make your teeth hurt, we threw them in the trash. I am still a fan of Ossining Bakery cake donuts, I don’t really like boston crème donuts but theirs aren’t bad.

Do you mean Homestyle Desserts?

I will pass on HDD, thanks for the info.

Actually, I meant Ossining bakery, thank you for bringing the mistake to my attention, I’ll see if it can be corrected.

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Looks OK but it doesn’t compare to what my son brings us from Dough or Doughnut Plant in NYC, or what we had at Holy Donut in Portland, ME.

Going to Portland in May - tell me about Holy Donut!

I prefer some of Ossining’s to doughnut plant

Have you been to Congdons in Wells Maine? I went this summer when we went to Ogunquit this summer and they were incredible.

I will definitely check out Ossining bakery!

We were there for a day a couple of years ago and got two donuts and they were amazing. Should have gotten more. They’re made from potatoes.

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Nope - we are staying in Ogunquit so maybe well stop this year.

I stopped in for two and ended up with a box. Whoops. Lol

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At Bea’s? Have you tasted yet?