Doughnuts in Westchester ny

No, at Congdons. I will try to get to Bea’s this week.


Finally made it to Bea’s on a Sunday.Nice approx 8o mph run up the hutch and 684! Have only had doughnuts there. They are mostly a cake-like doughnut with a bit of crunch. As much as I like jelly doughnuts,I think their other doughnuts were better,both the plain cinnamon and the black and white iced were very good. The jelly doughnuts had loads of jelly,to the point it usually burst out,but the jelly was no better than what comes in the packaged paczki (ok but not great). I’ll stick to galloways for jelly - much closer too

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I love those. I haven’t tried the jelly there.

Thanks for posting your review! I still haven’t gotten up there but I definitely plan to. The black and white sounds especially intriguing!

I stopped by Beascakes today around 10:30 and sadly someone had come in early and bought out every single doughnut except the plain cake ones. She recommended coming by 8 am on Saturdays to make sure I’d get doughnuts but also that today was an anomaly. I was pretty bummed but managed to select some cookies to console myself. I have only tasted the chocolate chip and black and white. I consider myself somewhat of a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur and this one is fabulous. Perfect size so you get some different textural contrast, a little chewy and crusty at the ends and soft in the middle… They seem to use the flat feves that make for thinner layers of chocolate spread throughout the whole cookie which I love and there is a tiny hint of sea salt which pretty much seals the deal for me. The black and white is a tiny bit too fluffy for me-- I prefer a denser “cake/cookie” base-- but the flavor is very natural tasting with a hint of lemon and they nailed the icing texture and flavor.

Sad I didn’t get any doughnuts but impressed with the cookies! I’ll definitely be back!

I was there around 12:30 and was surprised that they were out of doughnuts,now I know why. I ended up buying a coffee cake - orange/cranberry. Better than most I’ve tried but not my favorite combination.

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“sadly someone had come in early and bought out every single doughnut except the plain cake ones”
That is ridiculous, this person should have pre ordered … great way to piss off regular customers!


They have a very good chocolate chip crumb cake

I agree. That happened to me at la Tulipe. Went in for a croissant at 8:15 AM and they were out. I was pissed!

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Yeah I was really disappointed. I guess I could have called to check but I figured since they’re so prominently featured on their website I was safe! It is way out of my way so next time I will call!

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Stopped at Galloway’s over the weekend and “reacquainted” myself with their jelly doughnuts. I prefer them to Bea’s - for jelly doughnut only. The jam is more of a traditional raspberry jam,and the doughnuts are more “traditional”. Bea’s is more of an “upscale?” cake doughnut. Their jam is more of an admittedly large quantity,but runny/syrupy jelly. Bea’s cakey doughnuts with icing are superior,but too far away from me. The only thing I’ve ever liked at Galloway’s are the sugar coated jelly doughnuts, and when I was there last, they said they could fill the cinnamon coated also , so :). Btw the jelly doughnuts come in a pop-em size and a relatively small doughnut. Not a fan of the other baked goods at Galloways- I suppose I’m in the minority, as they do a good business.

I love cinnamon coated jelly donuts - they have them at Yorktown Pastry but , alas, I don’t really like much else from them. They have an old fashioned 7 layer cake but it always tastes stale.

My friend has bought delicious sufganiyot for me from one of the bakeries in town in Scarsdale and I can’t remember which. I am lukewarm on Galloway’s. I do really like their chocolate chip cookies (though Beascakes’ are better) and their little dinner rolls. But I got really turned off some years back when I got a Boston cream pie from them and the filling tasted like boxed jello pudding mix. I make my own now, from scratch, and what a difference. It’s out of my way so unless I’m in the area I wouldn’t go back. Beascake, on the other hand, well, I can’t stop thinking about that cookie!

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I agree,not a fan of Galloways,except for the jelly doughnuts ,and it is close to me, also it is only open 3 days a week,which helps with any desire i might have to stop by.


I asked my friend and she got the jelly doughnuts at Martines.