Donut knowledge needed

What’s the consensus on baked vs. fried cake donuts? Are baked even worth the ingredients? Any t&t favorite recipes?

Baked donuts are not the same and never will be the same as traditional fried donuts. Baked donuts are generally more like muffins baked in a ring shape. They just seem more fun to eat in that shape, though. I make baked donuts once or twice a year, nearly always in the fall. I simply don’t like to deep fry and I certainly don’t like the clean-up afterwards. I use the King Arthur recipes and mix and match the toppings to my liking. I’ve also heard good things about an Ina Garten baked donut recipe, but have no personal experience.

Be aware, though, if you use a KA recipe it seems that their own pans are bigger than the Wilton pans. A KA recipe that states a yield of 12 will give me at least 16 in a Wilton pan.