Doner House Englishtown

Thanks to the original visit by @ycf04 I tried this place today. It’s not easy to spot from rt 9 so here are a few pics to help:

and it’s basically right across rt 9 from this place:

The inside is new and clean looking:

With only a few stools to sit on inside:

And four picnic benches outside:


I spoke with one of the owners and he said they have already applied to build out so they can have more indoor seating. He said his background is Lebanese but he has travelled around the world and incorporated some spices into his marinade and his sauces, all of which are made in house.

Here’s the food. 2 combo platters with both lamb and chicken. I didn’t ask if I could swap out the rice for fries or something.

Using Halal Guys as a measuring stick, the chicken and the lamb at Doner House are both better tasting than the meats at HG. Both meats don’t even need the accompanying sauces. The only thing better at HG is the white sauce. Doner House’s version isn’t as thick and tasty as HG’s. The hot sauce on the other hand is sooo much better at Doner House. That red stuff is incredibly tasty and I already want more.

It’s not cheap ( but what is these days? ) but I bought two mixed doner platters for a lunch date and together we only barely finished one.

Great find @ycf04


Tried Doner House recently

Located at route 9 south just past the Marlboro Whole Foods.

I ordered a combo platter and enjoyed it very much.

It comes with meat, salad, rice and a pita.


So glad to see this. I have been watching that spot looks like stop for me shortly.
Food looks good.

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Thanks for posting about Doner House! It seemed to be taking forever to open. We’ll be comparing it to Grill Point Mediterranean a bit further south on 9.


Do they have dine-in? Their only on-line menu seems to be for take-out through some other site.

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They have a couple tables outside (but you are right next to Rt9) and IIRC there is a small counter inside with a few chairs also. So yes, i think you can do dine-in.

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As noted upthread, this place took forever to open. Excited to hear these early favorable reports.


Well, it is only one report, albeit favorable. I trust reports from those whose tastes in restaurants and food comport with mine. Since I don’t know anything about ycf04, and the food pictured in his photo doesn’t look particularly appealing to me, I’m taking his report with the proverbial grain of salt and will make my own judgment. Of course, if someone I trust gets there before we do (hint)….

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@ycf04 may not be a frequent poster, but is a long time contributor here and I’m almost certain before that on CH. A food opinion I’ve come to trust. I’ll report when I get there too!!


2 reports

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Too funny, I had read ycf original post (please for a first review please start a new thread to give establishments as much exposure as we can. Especially ones we like!!) however couldn’t place where it was!

Now thanks to @seal pics I realize I do know this place and have passed it dozens of times not knowing what the story was. Good report to the both of you!

@seal the HG you refer to is on 18 in East Brunswick? If so I concur about the white sauce.

FYI Nona’s is moving/moved to the spot further N on 9, the name of the old location is escaping me right now. ( much larger space on 9 north)

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Yes, the Halal Guys on 18. I absolutely love their white sauce but I find their hot sauce too hot to enjoy more than a few drops. DH’s hot sauce tastes of sweet chili sauce and Franks Hot sauce and is well balanced and delicious.

@seal Glad you hustled to Doner House. Good to have a fairly positive report from someone I do know and have dined with a number of times in the last. I especially appreciate the outdoor photo. While I’m not fond of picnic table seating (bad for the back), when we go, we will sit outside as I prefer to eat hot food immediately rather than taking it home and having it cool down (even though the place is only 5 minutes from our house).

The one gripe I have right now is that their mezzes options are paltry. Just two: babaganoush and hummus. Mezzes are the part of dining on Turkish food I like best. (Grill Point has a much more extensive selection.)

But we’ll see….

Edited to add: We’ve never tried the Halal Guys.

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Yes. Very true. In fact I stopped at Whole Foods on the way and bought some roasted eggplant. But, as always, taste will out and I already want more of that meat and red sauce. Fortunately the portions are big so I have some leftovers :yum:

@seal Upon closer inspection, I noticed they do have one hot mezze that’s a favorite of ours: “sigara boregi,” the Turkish name for deep fried phyllo scrolls filled with feta. On their menu it’s listed as “cigarette borek.”

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I’ve been back a few times including today and I have to ammend my original post.


The lamb is fine, but almost generic gyro-ish but that chicken is magical.


Have you tried the doner vs. adana vs. shish ? I know it’s just different shape and style of the meat but wondering if you have any preferences.

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Be careful using Nonna’s as a landmark to find it. The picture above is their old location. They have moved to a new location a mile or so south of it.

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The chicken adana is pretty darn good.


Speaking of Nonna’s, anyone know what’s opening up in the old location ?

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