Dog-friendly patios in GTO?

Staying two nights in Toronto on our way up to the camp in July. Our first trip in many years with a pooch. We love that so many accommodations are dog-friendly, but we are wondering about how to enjoy eating out without leaving him alone in a hotel room or airbnb. Are patios generally welcoming of well-behaved dogs? We’ll probably be staying north of downtown just so we don’t have to deal with traffic on our way out the 400, but we’re open to other suggestions.

In the past, dogs, other than seeing eye dogs and/or certified therapy dogs, were not allowed on patios. Some places had bowls of water set out for dogs on the sidewalk side beyond the patio.

I don’t know if things have become more lax on some patios over the course of the past 2 years. I don’t think the regulations have changed, so restaurant owners might be opening themselves up to fines and possibly liabilities if they allow dogs on the patio.

I haven’t seen dogs on any patios I frequent.

Jason Kenney has loosened up the dog on patio rules in Alberta. Haven’t heard about it happening elsewhere in Canada yet.

Thanks for the info. It sounds as if regulations are pretty strict compared to home (NJ). I definitely do remember years ago sitting outdoors in Yorkville with our dog next to us but just off the patio.

Maybe there are more informal options, such as picnic tables next to food trucks? Or suggestions for take-out that we could take to a beach or park? We’ll probably be staying in East York (near the Danforth) but could drive to nearby outdoor sites.

One of my warmest Toronto memories is of folks in business attire stopping to pet our dog when we walked with him downtown. My impression is that it’s a very dog-friendly town!

There are plenty of parks near some neighborhoods with good takeout.

I’ll link to the takeout thread Takeout and Delivery in [Toronto]

The food truck trend has faded to some degree. I haven’t bought food from a truck in years. It was always pretty gimmicky and overpriced in TO.

I know some restaurants and pubs that always have dogs on the edge of sidewalk next to the patio, but they tend to be average food places for wings, etc.

I haven’t been travelling to East York as much lately since I tend to walk everywhere which keeps me within a 2 or 3 mile radius of restaurants that are walkable.

In East York, a restaurant catching my eye on IG : Wood Owl.

All the Greek places on Danforth do take-out, and there are nice parks nearby. Greek, Balkan and/or Turkish restaurants, bars, coffee shops, groceries and bakeries in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area [Danforth] [Scarborough] [Ossington]

Lots of places to bring food near the Boardwalk along the lake in the Beach.

There is a newish Georgian spot I want to try in the East End, Tiflisi

as well as Somun Superstar for cevapi.

Completo might appeal, too.


In terms of restaurants right next to parks, on the west side, there’s a Japanese Sando spot, Imanishi Sando Bar, that has caught my eye.

I often get takeout and eat on a bench in Christie Pits Park.

There are farmer’s markets happening most days of the week, which tend to happen in or near parks, and there tend to be dogs around.

Patio Season [Toronto] [Ontario]

Lots to sort through

Google “dog friendly patios toronto” and you will get results. Example are here and here. Generally, your best bet is to pick the restaurant patio you want and call the restaurant to ask, as this is not normally advertised.

Thanks to both. I did a Google search earlier and discovered that regulations changed last spring making it permissible for businesses to allow dogs on patios. We’re trying to find a place serving more interesting food options. We’ll be limited to fish and chip stands for most of our time up north, so we’d love to take advantage of Toronto’s diversity. Takeout may be a good bet. Love this resource!

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RendezViews allows leashed dogs on their patios. The East side features some good Thai dishes from Nuit Regular’s Pai and also Death in Venice’s gelato. I did a recent report on them in the Patio Season thread:

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If you come up with a short list, post the spots here, so some posters can give feedback re: the food.

I only eat take-out or on patios these days, and it doesn’t look like the patios I visit are dog-friendly.

Some patios listed on the dog-friendly lists are more known for their beer than their food.

Unfortuntaly, I can’t give you a list of restaurants, but some of the more informal, make-shift patios that are part of CaféTO will allow dogs on their patios.

Since you’re asking about food trucks, at the corner of Dundas and Bathurst, there are storage containers that sell food, called Market 707. Beside the storage containers, there are a few picnic tables, not to mention a whole park out back, where you can eat with your dog. Here is an article that lists all of the food options available from 707.

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I had lunch on Saturday on the patio of Hair of the Dog, Church at Wood in Toronto. There were 3 dogs on the patio (and a huge collection of customers’ hog photos inside.) Appropriately named pub.

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How was the food? It was okay when I went in 2019.

I had a brunch main involving scalloped potatoes and a poached egg, which isn’t on the current menu.

It was OK in 2022. The dog at the next table highly recommended the home fries. (fyi, the online menu isn’t complete. There were some breakfast/brunch items not listed there.)

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Good to know, thanks!