Does the baseball stadium in your town offer good food options?

Here in New York both Yankee Stadium and Citi Field have upgraded their selection by bringing in some popular restaurant names. How would you rate the stadium food in your town?

AT&T park SF Giants . Good food choices . Expensive though . Rate A .


Minor league. Good local draft beer and very decent burgers. I think the dogs might be good, too, but I haven’t had them.

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You know I was pretty impressed with the one time I took a trip to the New Yankee Stadium. I was very anxious when the New Giants Stadium opened, hoping to find a similar improvement in food options. Sadly Giants Stadium or “Met-Life” (so you Jet’s fan’s don’t get all pissy) is really just Hot Dogs, Sausage Sandwich and Burgers.

Now…I have been into the Coaches Club a few times…now that is a different story all together. But at an average ticket price of $800. per it better have all you can eat shrimp, crab and sushi. (as well as a munch more)

Nothing beats the tailgate before a game though…so the lack-luster food options don’t really bother me. I just thought it would be awesome to have an actual restaurant over looking the field to have a nice steak while watching the game. No tickets, first come first serve reservations.

Oh, I’ve only been once but the spread at Newark Prudential Center for the NJ Devils is a pretty good spread. I had a private buffet, but there seemed to be a lot of different options there as well.

Probably a lot of the various major league experiences depends on the business holding the arena’s or stadium’s food service contract.

Saw this and thought of your thread- now you can get an egg cream at yankees stadium

Triple A here, beer is good food sucks big time.

Citizens Bank Park has received awards for its food, especially its vegetarian/vegan options. That only tells me that food at other parks must be really lacking. Then again, I don’t really go for the food (and given the recent state of the Phils, I didn’t even go at all last season). Their sit-down restaurants are OK–Harry the K’s is a pleasant way to watch BP over a sandwich and a beer; McFadden’s food isn’t bad, but it’s LOUD…

The stadium does have some good local craft brews at premium prices. And I usually sit in the Hall of Fame Club, which has an indoor seating area with a full bar that makes a nice Manhattan on a chilly April/September day and a good pina colada on steamy July/August days.

I went to the Iron Pigs (Phils’ AAA team) last season. There’s a nice beer garden there and at better prices than the big league park. I didn’t eat anything, but the food looked mediocre and again, much cheaper than the big league park.

emglow101 – what do you like at AT&T Park?

I’ve stopped getting the garlic fries because I don’t think they’re as good as they used to be.

Pirates spring training (McKechnie Field) in Bradenton has pretty average fare, but is across the street from Darwin Brewing and walking distance from Motorworks Brewing, so we’ll give them a pass.

Grew up in the Bronx drinking egg creams, but I wonder what they are charging for a good egg cream these days. I cannot find a price anywhere…

I agree the fries are not as good . I get the Sheboygan from Doggie diner . Tony’s pizza . The food in the Public house is good and I like the bar in there . I like your Avatar . I’m a huge Giants fan . What a game yesterday beating the Dodgers .

I really used to like Boog’s Barbecue at Camden Yard. Years since I’ve been there so I don’t know if Boog or his barbecue are still there. Reading stadium (Home of the Reading Phils) used to have terrific cheesesteaks from Mikes.

Get your funnel cakes here . . .

Baseball season is starting up so I thought I would revive this thread. Will probably take in a few games here in the New York area. How about the latest food concessions? What’s happening at the stadiums in your town?

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‘Eater’ is reporting that Citi Field, home of the METS, has added Pat LaFieda Beef Sandwiches, Fuku Chicken Sandwiches, Danny Meyer Pizza, Kosher stands, even scoops of cookie dough.
Meanwhile, Yankee Stadium has added Eggplant and Meatball Parm Sandwiches from Parm, offerings from Mighty Quinn BBQ, Linda’s Egg Creams from Brooklyn, and Bareburger.
Stadium food has certainly come a long way…

No. This is a big time foodie town with the most popular AAA team in the country and I always make sure to eat before the game. Each year for the last 4 years they’ve either changed the provider or changed over the menus. Each year is worse than the previous. The only thing I applaud is that the team went from using a national food service supplier to using local based catering. Still, this year the stadium has - no joke - well over 2 dozen different beers available (the list covers 1 full page in the program) and has shrunk the food offerings down to burgers, dogs, and fries. And - surprise, surprise - this year for the first time in 17 seasons I was stuck sitting in front of a loud, drunk schmuck. Cause and effect?

Our ball park has a dizzying number of local restaurant options–everything from create you own tacos (Barrio) to grilled cheese on steroids (Melt), house made ice cream (Sweet Moses), a number of local breweries, crazy build your own hot dogs (Happy Dog), sandwiches (Cleveland Pickle) and on and on. Plus the fancy ($$) club lounge and Terrace Club. But I’ll just take a regular old hot dog from the stand vendors, thank you :slight_smile: (My once a year treat.)

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Rockycat & Gourmanda, if you don’t mind, let us know where you are talking about. It would make it more informative…Thanks!

Cleveland Indians…at The Jake or, if you insist, “Progressive Field”.