Does overcooked chicken still have protein?

Whenever I make chicken stock with whole chicken, I will always eat the horribly overcooked chicken meat “for the protein.” Does anyone with a better scientific understanding of cooking know if this is valid? I.e., does the protein go intro the stock or does it remain in the meat?

It’s in the meat. Protein does not leach out of meat the way fat and juices do.

Next time, cut the meat off the chicken and make the stock with the carcass. Cook the meat separately and eat it.


And what kind of meat is better to use and cook broths so that they have a lot of protein and not too much fat??. If you know any article or information, I would be grateful. Thx from Channel/ :grinning: :wink:

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Yesterday I spent the whole day looking for detailed and understandable information about different types of meat, where everything will be written in clear language. I liked the blog where it was described how much fat and protein in each type of meat. It is very useful to read the opinion of nutritionists because today a very big problem is excess weight and we need to monitor this more closely. I was very surprised by the usefulness of the turkey and I made a very delicious soup. My husband and children liked it, it turned out not fat and very nutritious. So I wish you a delicious meal and look good. I hope someone will need my experience. :thinking:

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