Does Anyone Cook Out of the Saucier's Apprentice?

Just wondering if anyone uses this book. I want to make several things from it, but mainly want to make a supply a Demi glacé and freeze it. It calls for special butchery items and a 35-40 quart stockpot. Since this will be a once a year project, I don’t need a very expensive stockpot. I’ve got the BTU’s inside and space on my stove to handle it, but I may make it an outside project. If so, can anyone recommend an induction hob for outside. And I’m thinking maybe a restaurant supply store for the stockpot. Thoughts?

Interesting. Have had it for years but, no, not sure I’ve more than cracked it. But I am not really a
cookbook cook. Somehow I feel if I have the book on the shelf that I’ll absorb its contents through osmosis.


Lol, I have many cookbooks that I haven’t even looked at - pathetic!

We -always think "tomorrow’.


I read this book checked out from the library. I would like to get it so I can make some of the recipes discussed in the book. The book had a profound impact on me. I thought it was clever and brilliant, not to mention mouth water inducing. Duck Confit!!!

I think an induction compatible 40 qt stockpot will be expensive. Maybe make smaller batches quarterly in a pot you already have?

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That’s a good idea, and one I’ve entertained, but it takes many ingredients and specialty butchery items. I’ll look at the recipe again to see if I could scale it to a 20 qt stockpot size. Thanks!