Do You Wear An Apron When You Cook?

Just wonder how many of you are apron wearers when you cook? Cooking can be a messy operation sometimes as everyone knows.

I’ve got a couple stained shirts I put on that are just for cooking. If I’m doing a big project I usually put on an apron. As well, if entertaining I’ll wear an apron over clean clothes til the last minute. DH on the other hand will often cook in new clothes with out one, much to my chagrin. But luckily he puts one on for bigger messier cooking jobs.

On the apron subject does anyone here wear their mother’s or grandmother’s aprons?

Rarely, except when I need to dress up for dinner parties, but even then, I dress up the last minute, just before the guests arrive. Need to work in comfortable clothes.

It’s a lot of work to get rid of stains on nice clothes. I have a silicone apron, or can use husband’s cotton black apron.

I just gifted husband a good looking leather apron for his BBQ cooking for the warmer days, looks hard core. He said he looks like a professional butcher.


Rarely unless I’m making something super messy or might splatter when I’m cooking. I have a crappy freebie apron that is too stiff, and it chafes my neck, no matter how often I stick in the wash.

Most aprons don’t fall correctly on me because I’m short, so the coverage begins about 3 inches above my belly. I knot the ties, but it makes it more scratchy. The problems for short people!


Always. I am a very messy cook

I have three. My favourite is a traditional blue & white vertical striped one. The other was present from Mrs H - a BBC product of Masterchef branding with the programme motto - “Cooking doesnt get better than this”. The third was a present from the nephew. As this is a family friendly forum, I won’t describe it in detail but will tell it has a sheep on it.

All three are the full length type so cover from chest to knee.


Very rarely - unless I have a nice top on for company, or unless I’m going to make something that might splatter grease.

And no apron from Mom or Grandma (just a plain blue one). Although I do have a picture of myself with my first double-yolk egg frying in a fry pan at Grandma’s house when I was young - and I was wearing Grandma’s apron then. :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty casual at home . . . if I’m cooking or baking I’m wearing a t-shirt and shorts or sweats. These can be washed pretty hard, so no apron.

When I’m entertaining I generally wear an apron. I do the majority of prep/cooking before dressing. But I dress before the finishing touches and so don an apron. I have a few . . . flowers from Longwood Gardens, chocolate from Hershey, a very fancy Christmas one I received as a gift.

No aprons from mom (b. 1928) or grandmom (b. 1893). They’d be very old and very stained.

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::::snort laughing::::: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Don’t look if easily offended.


I seldom did in the past, but I have a new stove whose front burner is the one I am using, vs with other stoves I used the back burner.

This is at the cabin, I often cook a lot of bacon and breakfast sausage at the cabin.

Not always but when I don’t I’m reminded why I should. I usually forget when I’m wearing a favourite shirt and cooking something that stains clothing easily. I did have a favourite apron that was a present from The Natural History Museum with a fossil fish print on it though it has bitten the dust after scorching it one too many times.

Me: always (bib style)
My husband: never (but sometimes I wish he would😊)

My granddaughter wears the apron my mother made for me when I was a little girl.

Only when I’m working with messy things or frying (where spatter is likely). My apron is an old Frugal Gourmet striped denim one… with the front name label over-sewn with one from a clothing company my son owned st the time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, but my wife wishes I would!

But I do when I’m spliting chicken bones and parts for soup.

I’ve tried it, but I found it gave me even more coverage to just cook in an old long-sleeved T-shirt and sweatpants/ pajama bottoms.



I wear an an apron every time I cook (I’m a bit of a klutz). I have many ranging from every holiday, gifts from family, homemade from my mom and a few I bought that made me laugh. All of them are the bib style.

Always! I feel weird cooking without one. I’m not particularly messy, but I hate getting stains on my clothes. I have several but my usual is a blue Williams-Sonoma bib style which has lasted forever. I think I inherited wearing an apron in the kitchen from my Hungarian Jewish grandmother who always had one on over her housedress. I do forgo the perpetual cigarette hanging out of the side of her mouth.


I used to. Since I got fat, I can’t seem to find bib-style that fit, and I don’t see much point in the waist-apron ones.

I usually cook in comfy old clothes that I don’t worry about. Most full aprons don’t fit me well since I’m short. The half aprons don’t protect the half of me which needs protection! That said, I do have a collection of half aprons from the 30s - early 60s. I love the absurdity of thinking the fancy wisps of lace and trim would do the job. I also enjoy the frugality of the more everyday aprons. Many utilize cleverly designed pockets from scraps of this and that. They are becoming hard to find.


I tend to wear one for baking and melted chocolate.
My fav old one from a defunct restaurant was left in a cottage drawer for a spell, it wasn’t washed. It is still mostly intact except for the 6 to8 holes from mice chewing on it. I still use it:). I did wash it.
I especially like it as the ties are long enough to come back around to the front to tie. All of my new ones can only tie in the back.


And THAT bugs me about most aprons - that you often can’t do a wraparound tie in the front.